released June 15th, 2010

from the album - Good Feelings

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Taking an ambient tack to driving indie rock, an ethereal, otherworldly sound somewhere between the Arcade Fire and Grizzly Bear, Light Pollution gradually built a reputation as one of Chicago's premier (and certainly one of its most fascinating) bands. Led by singer/songwriter Jim Cicero, they formed in the Windy City suburb of DeKalb. Housed in a Victorian dwelling, they utilized its unique acoustics to craft delicate, oddly angled, jangly-jagged compositions. Light Pollution released their self-titled, self-produced debut EP in 2008, becoming a darling of discerning blogs. The group inked to Carpark Records the following year.

album review

With Apparitions, comparisons can easily be made to Animal Collective’s later albums, along with many of the so-called “Chillwave” artists on Light Pollution’s home of Carpark Records. Like Beach House, Toro y Moi, Montag, and Dan Deacon, there is a similar underwater vibe of washy instrumentation and psychedelic echoes spread throughout Light Pollution's debut. For the making, Jim Cicero lived alone in a huge, 30,000 square foot warehouse on the outskirts of Dekalb, IL. Stuck without a car for the winter, he retired to his empty hanger, wrote, smoked pot, and recorded for days at a time without any interaction with people or links to the outside world. This feeling of isolation envelops the bulk of Apparitions. It’s a psychedelic, claustrophobic mush of layered synthesizers, organs, drum pads, and breezy voices reflecting against the walls of wide-open corridors; evocative of the unsettling feeling of being completely alone in a very big space, ŕ la David Bowman or Sam Bell. After winter passed, drummer/vocalist Matthew Evert and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Nick Sherman joined up with Cicero (along with a violist and a few bassists) to put finishing touches on the record and bring it to life. This comes across particularly well on the chamber pop crescendos and singalong hooks of “All Night Outside” and “Good Feelings.”

Track Listing

1 Good Feelings Cicero 4:58
2 Oh, Ivory! Cicero 2:28
3 Drunk Kids Cicero 3:24
4 Fever Dreams Cicero 4:41
5 Deyci, Right On Cicero 6:52
6 Bad Vibes Cicero 4:49
7 All Night Outside Cicero 5:19
8 Witchcraft Cicero 3:26
9 Ssslowdreamsss Cicero 7:13