released June 8th, 2010

from the album - Take A Vacation

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After logging several years as members of Panic at the Disco, songwriters Ryan Ross and Jon Walker left the group in July 2009, citing creative differences and the desire to form their own band. The Young Veins took shape later that month, featuring a vintage pop/rock sound inspired by the Cookies, the Kinks, and the Cramps. Recording sessions for the bandís first album began that same summer, with Phantom Planetís Alex Greenwald and Pretty.Odd. producer Rob Mathes lending their help. As the Young Veins continued working on the album, their lineup expanded with the addition of keyboardist Nick White, drummer Nick Murray, and bassist Andy Soukal, and the full lineup released Take a Vacation! in mid-2010.

album review

Panic at the Disco were clearly looking backwards to the ambitious psychedelic pop of the Beatles circa Sgt. Pepper's on their 2008 album Pretty. Odd., but it seems that guitarists Ryan Ross and Jon Walker wanted to dig even deeper into rock & roll's past. In 2009, Ross and Walker quit Panic at the Disco to form their own group, and the first album from their new combo the Young Veins, Take a Vacation!, is clearly influenced by early British Invasion era pop/rock, particularly the crunch and melodic sense of the Kinks, the graceful energy of the Hollies, and the tuneful smarts of the Searchers. While there are flashes on Take a Vacation! where the Young Veins seem to view this music through revisionist glasses in the manner of Big Star or Shoes, for the most part, this sounds and feels like an honest and heartfelt homage to both the style and the era, and punk rock insouciance never really enters the picture ó except for "Defiance," these 11 songs are as well scrubbed and well mannered as anything that hit the charts in 1965, and the production (four numbers by Rob Mathes, the others by Alex Greenwald) is simple and unobtrusive enough to recall the one-take-wonders of the era. The youthful angst that pervades the lyrics is about the only audible clue to Ross and Walker's emo past, though they're not all that far from the teen tragedies that were a big part of AM radio back in the day, and it's possible that Take a Vacation! acknowledges a vital influence rather than merely paying tribute to a style close to their hearts. Either way, it's a well-crafted pop album with some fine tunes and pitch-perfect performances, through it does beg the question of whether Ross and Walker intend to stay in 1965 or keep moving a bit further back in time with each record.

Track Listing

1 Change Ross, Walker 2:31
2 Take a Vacation Ross, Walker 2:28
3 Cape Town Ross, Walker 2:51
4 Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won't Ross, Walker 2:23
5 Young Veins (Die Tonight) Fujikawa, Ross 2:19
6 Everyone But You Ross, Walker 3:07
7 The Other Girl Ross, Walker 2:55
8 Dangerous Blues Ross, Walker 2:24
9 Defiance Ross, Walker 2:44
10 Lie to the Truth Ross, Walker 2:29
11 Heart of Mine Ross, Walker 2:59