released June 8th, 2010

from the album - Stupid Girl (Only In Hollywood)

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Formed in 2004 by vocalist Jared Weeks and guitarist Jason Null, Saving Abel combine riff-heavy hard rock with sexually charged lyrics and Southern rock influences. The quintet took root in Corinth, MS, where Weeks and Null cut their teeth in different bands before merging their songwriting talents. In early 2005, the duo attracted attention from producer Skidd Mills, who invited Weeks and Null to record in his Memphis studio. Juggling day jobs and regional gigs, the two began driving back and forth between Corinth and Memphis, sporadically recording their self-titled EP with Mills while putting together a full lineup consisting of guitarist Scott Bartlett, bassist Eric Taylor, and drummer Blake Dixon.

Within a year, the EP had earned Saving Abel a contract with Virgin Records, and Mills returned to produce the group's full-length debut. Combining new material with the EP's best songs, the self-titled album was issued in March 2008. It went gold within a year, with the lead single "Addicted" cracking the Top 40 and nearly topping the modern rock charts. While touring the country in support of the album, Saving Abel began playing new material, most of which appeared on the sophomore album Miss America in 2010.

album review

With their second album, Miss America, Saving Abel raise the immortal question: is misogyny easier to swallow when it’s softer? Certainly, it’s somewhat easier to miss Saving Abel’s ugliness — how the good girls are “Angels Without Wings,” the bad ones are sleazy, stupid starlets on the prowl in Hollywood, the kind that’s “not much for talking/but you’re hot as hell” and it doesn’t really matter that “I’m not in love” because “the sex is good” — because their power chords are muted and frontman Jared Weeks isn’t proud of his lunkheadness the way, say, Chad Kroeger is. No, Saving Abel’s comparatively light touch makes it easier to ignore the sexism that roils underneath the surface of Miss America, whose rabble-rousing title cut also serves to throw off the scent, but perhaps that makes them more insidious, because their soft spin on active rock can worm its way into the head, particularly when they revamp STP licks like they do on “Bloody Sunday.” So call it a draw: as music, Miss America is a bit easier to take than much of its ilk, but that only makes the message more odious.

Track Listing

1 Tap Out 4:08
2 Stupid Girl (Only in Hollywood) 4:18
3 Contagious 3:38
4 The Sex Is Good 3:32
5 Bloody Sunday 3:47
6 I’m Still Alive 3:49
7 Mississippi Moonshine 3:16
8 Angel Without Wings 4:16
9 Miss America Frederiksen 3:40
10 I Need You 3:49
11 Hell of a Ride B. Dixon 3:44