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    [edit] The Robert Hart era (19951997)

    After Howe's departure, the remaining foursome hired ex-Distance vocalist Robert Hart to take over lead vocal duties. Unlike Howe (who had a different style and a higher range), Hart was closer in voice and an imitator of Rodgers. The new lineup released Company of Strangers in 1995 which came out on EastWest Records and peaked at #159 on the Album charts. It produced the AOR hit "Down And Dirty" (#17). Stories Told & Untold was released in October 1996 and bombed commercially. The album contains re-recordings of seven of Bad Company's biggest hits ("told" stories), and seven new songs ("untold" stories). Many of these were recorded in Nashville and featured guest appearances by country stars such as Vince Gill.
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    Like the original Bad Company album as well as Desolation Angels and Burning Sky. Simple, effective, straight rock n roll. And some brilliant acoustic songs too.

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    Wow, these are actually the only two albums I own by Bad Company & the 'Company Of Strangers' album in particular is just fantastic. Robert Hart is also a great vocalist. Will need to check out Distance.

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