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Thread: Hey...Looking for musicians HELP !!!

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    Default Hey...Looking for musicians HELP !!!

    Hey all, lead vocalist for Downing Grey. Band is new, we were on the verge of gigging and have connections to agency. We lost our Keyboardist due to health problems. Have everything on hold. Seriously looking for someone who sees this as the once in a lifetime opportunity that it is to get going again. We covering the best songs from the greatest of the "A" list prog bands of the heyday of Prog.
    Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, ELP, UK, Rush, Focus, Atomic Rooster, Tull, even a Zepp piece or two. Yes I can sing this stuff. Yes we are a tribute level band, Yes we have all the equipment, Yes we are ready to tour, Yes the market is strong, and Yes we can go as fast as you are with bringing this music. You bring us The Lamb, Firth of Fifth, and South Side of the Sky and this will come together in a few weeks of work and we're off. So what difference does it make where we are from. Once we get working we will be all over and a tour bus will be bought.
    Email for more info. We are trying to move on this as fast as we can.
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    Default Downing Grey

    Where do things stand now with your project?

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    Have an excellent Bruford/Peart Drummer, and Howe,HAckett,Holdswirth,Gilmour Guitarist and a Vocalist who nails all these bands real well waiting and looking. We are working recently with a new bassist to perhaps form a Zeppelin/Rush tribute band as a four piece. Keyboardist that can play the music and is professional enough to hit the road is difficult to find apparently.

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    why dont you just write your own 'original' songs

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    Ahhhhh we still need Keybaords to write in the prog genre that I and our guitarist seem to write in. Besides I know lots of very good musicians who are sitting watching the paint fry while trying to hawk some great music at the one show they manage to book a month. Sorry originals are great if you have promotional money otherwise it is the dumbest thing to do to waste you best pieces and watching them sit with lttle interest. So our plan is to build a bill paying prog tribute band, and then introduce originals during the encore and if we have enough we will see if the doors willopen to some warm up gig's for the bigger names, prog festivals and etc. Read the news, Tributes work all year round they make good money if they are good. Originals are a dime a dozen and they have a shelf life.

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    Well we'd still need a good keyboardist to do even that. In my experience the only way to be successful is to form a bill paying band and then try and promote your originals during the evening with the tribute band. Since we write music that sounds like some long lost Yes and genesis piece and one that is very floyd so far we plan to get money coming in steady first. Too many bands that write good music but it dies a slow death while the band trie to promote this music through the one gig a month they can manage and while they starve and members have to move away or find other work to keep going. So this is why we want this tribute level band working first. Can;t do what we want without all 5 pieces. We could build a Zeppelin/Rush tribute and see how well that might work while we look for keys. For now I have ad's out, have been networking for some time and the keyboardfist that can do this music is so far an elusive creature.

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    good luck to you and your band.
    sorry, but cover bands do nothing for me personally, i understand where you're coming from, all bands start pretty much as a covers band, but i'd never pay money to see one.
    i'd rather see a band do shitty originals with a couple of covers thrown in the mix

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    Default My Thoughts

    I tend to agree with Crazy Horse............................

    In the early days of Rock and Roll in some countries , being a covers band was the root to becoming a success for some notable bands ....................However apart from a few notable exceptions it is a dead end................

    I think you need to look a bit more at what you are doing and what people tend to respect!

    Covers band do not show commitment to the risk involved in music , its a safe area...............People respect people..who take risks and do something they really believe in no matter what................they give their heart soul and anything else they can to achieve their they live and die or music................if they are lucky they achieve success ..............if not they fulfill what they set out to do and are content............they demonstrate passion and commitment to their idea and somehow that its infectious ...................their music is their vehicle for their emotions etc

    Your band seems to have the philosophy that success in an inevitable stop along your road........if you try enough at it you will get there..................laudable aim but it is most likely not to succeed. Success in the music business if not formulaic ............................

    I suggest that you all concentrate on finding passion and commitment to your music !

    Pursue it with all you have got..............never give up..............ask for nothing but the chance to play and be for the life of being a band on the road and being in music and hey maybe , just maybe you will do it and become a big name........................... Hey it's only my opinion but I do know one of two people on the inside and thats their way of thinking !
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    Nice to be able to go back to trust and friendship!!!!!!!!!

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    well said Gryphon, you hit the nail on the head.
    the closest thing to a cover band i have seen live and payed to see was 'from the jam' only cause i wanted to see Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler live, and t least thy were 2/3 of The Jam

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    My sixpence worth. If you are really into music and it appears that you are fairly commited, I suggest you guys start writing some good original material. If your material is good it will get noticed. Cover/tribute bands are a dime a dozen. Good original artists are not. They are extrememly rare despite the millions of tracks being released all over the web. There are zillions of proficient musicians out there who can play complex patterns etc. What there isn't is imagination/creativity/original ideas. The technology available today is resulting in 'copy and paste' music. Everone is starting to sound the same. Just as an example some guy posted something on this site, saying he was starting a band and that they were in the process of writing a song. Thing is, he wanted someone else to write the lyrics for him! i.e. he wanted the thing to fall into his lap. Success is 1% talent and 99% hard work. As an extreme example Dolly Parton survived on sachets of ketchup swiped from burger joints - but she never gave up. One day you'll look back and say - damn why didn't we try to do for ourselves instead of playing other people's material over and over. Just a thought. Check out my site A labour of love which will probably never make a dime but at least it's original. And a hell of a lot of work too!
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