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    Hi, I'm Matthew, from the left coast of America. I'm a musician, and am interested in all sorts of music. Just picked up The Flaming Lips and Guest Stars recording of The Dark Side Of The Moon, originally by Pink Floyd, and, with the vocals added by Henry Rollins and Peaches, and the brooding and wonderful adaptation of a great album, made this a treat to listen to. If you haven't heard the Pink Floyd version, you've been living in a cave, and the Flaming Lips version will make you want to go back to the cave, but for those who crave a new twist on a classic, this is a rare treat!

    Be seein' ya'll 'round, ya hear?


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    welcome to the site Matthew. Like dark side of the moon.

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    Shine on you crazy diamond - Welcome to the forum. There are plenty of Floyd fans here.

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