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Thread: Great nature sounds albums I want to share with everyone

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    Default Great nature sounds albums I want to share with everyone

    I have here a unique collection of 3 CD that were released years ago and they are long out of print.

    The audio quality of these recordings are stunning; after a listen in the store, I bought them immediately without hesitation.

    Best of all, they contains NO MUSIC!

    No classical, no keyboard music/sounds, just --and only-- nature sounds, wonderfully mixed to give a one hour experience without repetition.

    For example, the Storms CD begin slowly, like near a lake, you can hear the wind and waves, and progressively, you can hear the storms approach until you are in the middle of the storm, until he go away.

    Same with the Wilderness, you hear different sounds, birds, winds, creatures, river, and the night comes with criquets and even wolves.

    So if you like nature sounds, this is the best thing I ever heard in my life and I share it with you because they no longer exist and good luck trying to find them.

    I ripped them at the best: 320 kbps, stereo, constant bitrate mp3. There was an option in my ripper called "high quality encoding" that rip slower but makes better quality. This one was checked of course.

    So I hope some of you will enjoy as much I as do now for many years.

    Tapestries Naturally - 2001 - A Day in the Wilderness.mp3

    Tapestries Naturally - 2001 - Songbirds in a Country Garden.mp3

    Tapestries Naturally - 2001 - Thunder & Rain Storms.mp3

    Note: you can preview them and also download them. Just click on the blue "download now" button.
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    Default Nature sounds etc

    I'm really into this kind of thing and occasionally I've put some threads on of this kind of thing eg New Age music with nature sounds etc .............
    Nice to be able to go back to trust and friendship!!!!!!!!!

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    I have a rainstorm one, but it makes me have to go to the bathroom.

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