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Thread: Why do you love Hip/hop/Rap?

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    Default Why do you love Hip/hop/Rap?

    For me as a composer/singer I think the draw was its something I can't do...

    Also after everything with the American 12 tones has been done before, just get away from melody and cord structure as much as possible and focus on lyrics and beat.

    Just wondering why you love Hip/hop/Rap etc?

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    I think cos it makes me happy, if you're having a rough day and you come home and put on some hip-hop or funk or whatever it just lifts you up.
    Well it does for me anyway, its like after a few songs you forget why you were feeling bad and your happy :)

    It just cheers me up and makes me smile.
    Its also good to dance to :)

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    There's always a good beat that makes you feel sexy and puts you in the mood to dance which is always a good thing, especially when you're planning a night out or even just to cheer you up when getting ready for work!

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    Its not like hiphop producers have some secret beat making machine or software that is hidden from producers of other genres. The difference is the repetitve nature of hiphop beats. Other genres do not repeat the same instrumental phrases as many times or for as long as hiphop. Thus, a rapper is required to maintain the listener's attention long enough for the subtle characteristics of the "beat" to sink in. Other genres, like R&B, often utilize the same types of beats. But with a style like R&B, the beat must change to follow changes in the melody. So the melody becomes the listeners attraction instead.

    By "beat" I am not only refering to rhythm, but also chord progressions or comping. Hiphop beat makers often incorporate loops or samples that contain some sort of chord or are in a specific key. So repeating the same progression over and over by looping, forces the melody to stay rooted in the same key.

    Modern hiphop has incorporated melodic "hooks" or choruses which are essetially just a section of R&B. But the key element that makes it hiphop is the continuously repeating beat. The beat is not better than the beats of other styles. It is just repeated enough times for you to recognize all of the subtle charcteristics. In fact, early hiphop djs might take an old soul record and repeat the same 4 measures of it over and over. A rapper then "spits" his or her lyrics over it and by the end of tune the average listener has finally absorbed the brilliance that was Al Green or Ray Charles in the first place.

    By the way, I am not discounting what the rapper does. In fact, I like hiphop for the lyrics. This post is for those (most) who listen for the beats.

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    'cause they are so awesome!!
    there are a lot of crews and rappers. surprised everytime I find good producers or rappers and there are millions undiscovered!

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    I've recently discovered hiphop. I love the poetry, the emotion, the groove. I'm not so much into the lifestyle or the fashion nor the bling. I just love the essence of hiphop music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vincepascoe View Post
    Just wondering why you love Hip/hop/Rap etc?
    Because it's a marvelous genre with the ability to touch the soul and rock the body. At least 25% of my all-time favorite songs are Hip Hop songs.

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    Because it makes my body move to the beat and I am enjoying listening to those kind of genre.

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    I love it for its texts... Really deep and true lyrics

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    look at the kids :))) everytime when i play some hip-hop my little brother starting to dance :)

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