released May 25th, 2010

from the album - Leave Right Now

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In February 2002, 23-year-old British singer Will Young became the winner of Pop Idol's inaugural season, making him the first in a long line of Pop Idol, American Idol, and X Factor champions. His debut single, "Anything Is Possible" b/w "Evergreen," was released two weeks after the show's finale and became the fastest-selling single in the U.K., a title previously held by Band Aid's 1984 hit "Do They Know It's Christmas?" Young followed the song's success with a string of platinum-selling albums, as well as forays into acting and philanthropy.

As a teenager, Young studied politics at Exeter University before moving to London, and his musical passion grew while pursuing a musical theater degree at the Arts Educational School in Chiswick. Although enrolled in a three-year program, Young put his studies on hold in late 2001 when he became a contestant in the first season of Pop Idol. He won the competition early the following year and released his debut album, From Now On, in October 2002. Friday's Child followed one year later and became even more popular than Young's debut, eventually going platinum five times in the U.K. and spawning three Top Five singles. Released in 2005, Keep On proved to be another multi-platinum hit, and Let It Go followed in 2008.

As the decade closed, Young stood out as one of the U.K.'s highest-grossing performers, although he remained virtually unknown in America. That began to change in 2010, when "Leave Right Now" — a number one hit from Friday's Child — was chosen as the exit song for American Idol. To capitalize on the newfound attention, 19 Recordings assembled most of Young's European singles onto an EP, Leave Right Now, and released it in the U.S. following the show's final episode.

album review

The powers that be at 19 Entertainment chose Will Young’s “Leave Right Now” as the fare-thee-well song for American Idol Season 9 contestants and as the season came to a close in May 2010, the Leave Right Now appeared upon American shores providing the 2002 Pop Idol winner a very, very delayed US launch. Leave Right Now naturally has the title track, which was an UK number one way back in ’03, but that’s not the only Young hit here: the rest of the eight-track EP rounds up such British singles as “Your Game,” “Friday’s Child,” “Switch It On,” “All Time Love,” “Who Am I,” “Changes” and “Grace,” each one charting between ’03 and ’08, each one a reminder that some UK phenomenons just don’t translate across the Atlantic. Young specializes in super-slick soft rock and super-stiff white funk, doing neither with the panache of either Mick Hucknall or George Michael, to name two templates that did manage to scale the American charts. Young has no chance of replicating his idols with Leave Right Now, not just because most of it is almost a half-decade old but because he’s a prissy milquetoast whose distinguishing vocal tic is how he occasionally gets a mildly sharp edge to his voice when he’s holding a high note. Not the kind of thing you want to hang your hat on and not the kind of thing that will win audiences that didn’t see you on TV, either.

Track Listing

1 Leave Right Now White 3:31
2 Your Game Cruz, Mackichan, Young 4:09
3 Friday's Child 8:58
4 Switch It On Lipson, Peterson, Poole, Wolf ... 3:46
5 All Time Love Hartman 3:55
6 Who Am I Silvas, White 4:26
7 Changes White, Young 3:57
8 Grace Prime, Young 4:35