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Thread: R.I.P. Paul Gray

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    Default R.I.P. Paul Gray

    from music news

    Paul Gray, bass player for Slipknot, was found dead Monday (May 24) in an Iowa hotel room. He was 38-years old.

    Gray was known to fans as #2 or The Pig, based on the pig-faced mask he wore in concert.

    Gray’s body was discovered at around 11am at the TownePlace suites in Urbandale, Iowa. Police say there was no foul play.

    Paul Gray was a founding member of Slipknot. The band formed in 1995 had a lot of departures over the years but Gray was always there, predating singer Corey Taylor who joined in 1996.

    He was born in Los Angeles on April 8, 1972 and then his family moved to Des Moines, Iowa.

    Slipknot released four studio albums. The most recent was 'All Hope Is Gone’ from 2008.

    Paul Gray is survived by his pregnant wife Brenna. She is expecting their first child.
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    I'm glad someone started a thread for Gray, so thank you Music Head for doing so.

    I'm not the biggest Slipknot fan, though I do have all their albums. I've also seen them live, on their latest tour and they were amazing. So great in fact, that if they passed by again I'd have no hesitation to catch them live again.

    Anyways, I know some people write off Slipknot as gimmicky, or whatever, but in my opinion, they had some great tunes, and on each of their albums you can be certain they'll be a few gems.

    When I saw them live it was clear that they love doing what they do, and love the fans. That was very clear, and that is what is great to see.

    It's a tragedy that Paul has died so young, especially that he has left a wife who is expecting. Hopefully Brenna can get through this with the support of friends and family and the child can be proud that their father made some great music.

    RIP Paul. A sad day for music.

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    I'm just curious on how he'll be replaced, since he was such an integral member of the band, both image and personally.

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