released May 18th, 2010

from the album - Head Against The Wall

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Hard rockers Anew Revolution are based in Austin, TX and were founded by former Ünloco vocalist/guitarist Joey Duenas together with ex-Slaves on Dope members Frank "Frankie" Salvaggio (bass/backing vocals) and Rob Urbani (drums). The trio proceeded to hone its chops on a pair of independently released EPs — 2005's Revolution and 2007's Live at the Machine Shop in Flint — before securing a deal with Koch/E1 (and enlisting lead guitarist Shaun Stockton) for the release of the group's debut full-length, Rise, in 2008. Along the way, Anew Revolution (ANR for short) toured with bands like Drowning Pool, Nonpoint, 12 Stones, Otep, and Kittie, and scheduled the release of their sophomore album, iMerica, in April 2010.

album review from the new review

Four-piece metal band Anew Revolution is launching their latest metal assault on your ears on May 18th, 2010 titled iMerica. Made up of Joey Duenas (Ex-Unloco vocalist), Frank Salvaggio and Rob Urbani (former members of Slaves on Dope), and Shaun Stockton on guitar, and these guys combine to bring the heat! Upon doing a little research on the band, I found them listed as hard rock, nu metal, rock, and alternative, but this album is just metal to my ears. In listening to previous efforts by Anew Revolution, I realized that iMerica is definitely harder and more aggressive than their past effort, and a good direction for the band.

iMerica opens with “Broken Bones,” and it’s got everything a metal fan could want to hear. This song swings for the fences knocking a homerun out of the park. Overdriven guitar riffs and knock-your-teeth-out percussive beats really start the album off in a strong way. Not to mention Joey Duenas’ vocals match perfectly when laid on top of the music. This is a good time to point out that the songs on the album are extremely catchy. There are many sections throughout each song that will get stuck in your head having you singing along long after the cd is over.

I would also like to point out that iMerica is extremely radio friendly. Some metal fans may not want to hear that, but, I could definitely see many of the tracks being played on any weekly rock countdown across the country. I could hear them being played right behind Nonpoint, Sevendust, or any other band that gets some hard rock radio love. If you’re a radio station manager, get on this record. STAT!

Okay, back to the album. “Head Against the Wall,” starts off with a slow lead-in, then giving subtle hints that it’s going to get hard, and boy, that it does. This track will grab hold of you and shake any cobwebs out of your head with its intensity and aggressiveness. This not only could be another single, but possibly my favorite track.

This album is full of great guitar riffs that will shred your eardrums into little bits and pieces (listen to “Social Suicide” for a great example.) Actually, that reminds me…”Social Suicide” is yet another great track with its catchy melodies that definitely gets stuck in your head. But don’t let that fool you, because this song bleeds “awesome.”

This release is guaranteed to get Anew Revolution out there, and I’m hopeful it gets them some attention on the air-waves! I know I talked a lot about the radio-friendliness of the album, and again, I know that can carry a negative stigma with some metalheads. But, I assure you that I’d rather hear songs from iMerica on the radio, rather than some of the current bands being played today. If you’re a fan of metal or hard rock, then I would strongly suggest you give this album a listen. Anew Revolution have released a very solid effort that they should be very proud to release.

Track Listing

1 Broken Bones 3:41
2 Grey 4:28
3 Head Against the Wall 3:50
4 Social Suicide 3:40
5 Crucify 3:55
6 Brick By Brick 4:10
7 Ashes From Stone 3:46
8 Take Me Over 3:56
9 My Sacrifice 3:37
10 Killing Me 3:39
11 Life 3:18