released May 18th, 2010

from the album - Being Gone

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Angular, distortion-kissed indie rockers the Poison Control Center came together in the early 2000s with Patrick R. Tape Fleming, Devin W. Frank, Joseph P. Terry, and Donald Ephraim Curtis III. Hailing from the college town of Ames, IA, the Poison Control Center gained a strong local following with an intelligent garage rock sound that nodded to influences like Archers of Loaf and Guided by Voices and welcomed comparisons to contemporaries like Tapes 'n Tapes and the Subjects. In the six-year period between 2001 and 2007, the group independently released several EPs and singles, toured the U.S., made two appearances at the CMJ Music Marathon, was featured on NPR, and eventually found a home on the Minneapolis-based label Afternoon Records. Their debut full-length, A Collage of Impressions, was released in the fall of 2007, and a split single with indie pop veterans the Apples in Stereo followed soon thereafter. After some touring behind the album, the members of the group (apart from Fleming) ended up leaving Ames and moving to different towns. While this might have led some groups to disband, instead it pushed the Poison Control Center to be more productive and focused. For the next album they wrote over 40 songs in a three-month period and recorded them during a weeklong marathon. The resulting record, Sad Sour Future, was released in May of 2010.

album review

Poison Control Center's second full-length, 2010ís Sad Sour Future, is the product of two years of long-distance song trading ó from 2008 to 2009, the bandís four members lived in four different cities, and they kept their creative chemistry alive by sending demos to each other. By the time the bandmembers reunited to put together their sophomore effort in the spring of 2009, they had 40-odd tracks to work with; the whittled-down result is still a veritable behemoth, 17 tracks in all. Similar to the bandís first album, Sad Sour Future often takes its cue from indie rock bands of the '80s and '90s that were of the jumpy, angular, and nerdy persuasion. The moody, horn-rimmed-glasses-wearing specter of the Feelies looms over tracks like "By the Wave" and "Cognac Dreams," and cartoony, fun-loving songs "Calling Card" and "Friends in the Band" take their cue as much from Stephen Malkmus as they do from They Might Be Giants. Itís also the kind of sound that brings to mind album-oriented rock-influenced contemporaries like Free Energy and NRBQ, especially on the discís lead single, "Being Gone" ó a big, happy song about growing up, moving away, and being sad (ďItís not so easy growing old today/Even though youíve got it all planned out.../Itís not easy being gone") replete with goofy arena rock moves (i.e., a smooth sax solo and a whole lot of cowbell). From top to toe, thereís really little to complain about here ó Sad Sour Future is an ebullient, synth-laced, guitar-squealing romp that makes good on the promise of Poison Control Center's debut. If youíre in the mood for some ballsy, guitar-driven indie rock to round out your summer playlist, Sad Sour Future might be just what youíre after.

Track Listing

1 Walls of City Hall Poison Control Center 4:24
2 By the Wave Poison Control Center 3:14
3 Being Gone Poison Control Center 3:33
4 After the Holiday Poison Control Center 4:56
5 Stay Golden Poison Control Center 4:13
6 Calling Card Poison Control Center 3:56
7 Cemetery Glow Poison Control Center 6:49
8 Two Mountains Poison Control Center 2:51
9 Tiny Isles Poison Control Center 4:19
10 Cognac Dreams Poison Control Center 3:37
11 Yellow Image Poison Control Center 4:38
12 Start the Revolution Poison Control Center 3:33
13 Friends in the Band Poison Control Center 1:57
14 Eye Poison Control Center 5:03
15 Pacific Sunrise Poison Control Center 4:05
16 Minds Align Poison Control Center 3:48
17 Baron in the Trees Poison Control Center 6:28