released May 18th, 2010

from the album - Girls & Boys

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Essentially a solo vehicle for journeyman singer/songwriter Don Miggs, the band Miggs makes mainstream melodic pop/rock with a bit of an alt-rock edge. Miggs and his original backing group released the debut album Anyway in 2002 and followed it up two years later with Insomnia. Around that time, Miggs began working with a new lineup and released the album Unraveled in 2008. Further personnel changes ensued, and in 2010 working with producer/engineer Ken Lewis (Fall Out Boy, Kanye West) Miggs delivered the full-length effort Wide Awake.

album review

Lineup changes can be quite disruptive for a band, and the Miggs have had their share since the early 2000s. But those lineup changes haven't prevented frontman Don Miggs from delivering some solid, nicely crafted alternative pop/rock albums along the way. Don Miggs, of course, has always been the one in the driver's seat; he has had input from others, but ultimately, it is his talents as a singer/songwriter that have done the most to help the Northern California band score musical home runs. And he continues to get the job done on Wide Awake, which was recorded in late 2009 and is another solid album from the Miggs. This time, they favor a trio lineup that includes Don Miggs on lead vocals and guitar, Michael Lombardo on bass, and Ryan Scarborough on drums -- and the producer/engineer is Ken Lewis, who has worked with artists ranging from Lenny Kravitz, Fall Out Boy, and Small Town Sleeper to Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, Ghostface Killah, Ludacris, and Kanye West. Lewis has eclectic tastes; he can function as efficiently in a pop/rock environment as he can in a hip-hop or R&B environment. And on Wide Awake, there's no doubt that he understands what makes the Miggs tick. Lewis obviously realizes that melodic, hooky alternative pop/rock is their strong point, and his presence is a definite plus on tuneful offerings like "Summer Takes the Fall" and "Enemy." Lewis, in fact, is as beneficial for the Miggs on Wide Awake as Gavin MacKillop was for them on 2005's Insomnia. But again, Don Miggs is the brains behind the band. And while Wide Awake doesn't break any new ground for the Miggs -- who weren't groundbreaking to begin with -- those who have enjoyed them in the past should have no problem getting into this consistently likable effort.

Track Listing

1 Let the Games Begin Miggs 3:13
2 Girls & Boys Miggs, Scarbrough 3:13
3 Sincerity Miggs 3:53
4 Enemy Miggs 3:16
5 Wide Awake Miggs 3:53
6 Incredibly Close Miggs 3:52
7 Summer Takes the Fall Miggs 3:27
8 Fire Miggs 3:51
9 Damage Miggs 4:19
10 Don't Come Around Miggs 3:44
11 The Right Light Miggs 3:16
12 Crawl Inside Miggs 3:17