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    Fyfe Dangerfield (of the Guillemots) just released a solo album yesterday called "Fly Yellow Moon". Usually I don't like lead singers' solo projects nearly as much as the material they do with their band, but it sounds really good to me. Thoughts?

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    Hey abrocks, funny you mention him as I actually plan to buy his solo album soon. I keep hearing his cover of Billy Joel's 'She's Always A Woman' on Radio 2 & think it is amazing. What more is that, being a fan of the guillemots first album, I recognised the voice at first but couldnt pinpoint who it was till about the 5th time I heard it!

    The aforementioned song: Some really beautiful stuff.

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    Just listened to this.

    Had never heard him or Guillemots

    Very impressed

    Particularly like Barricades, Livewire and Don't Be Shy

    Mr. Soul - The BJ remake was good, but nothing different than the excellent original.
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