released May 18th, 2010

from the album - Blue Lily

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The Depreciation Guild's synth-swathed dream pop blends reverb-drenched sensibilities (the Field Mice and the Jesus and Mary Chain offer good reference points here) with a touch of chiptunes-style instrumentation (i.e., a modified 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System). Frontman Kurt Feldman (who would later go on to be a part of the Pains of Being Pure at Heart) teamed up with twin brothers Christoph (who would also be a core member of the Pains) and Anton Hochheim to form the Depreciation Guild in 2005. The group's first release, Nautilus, was put out on 8 Bit Peoples in 2006. The band self-released its debut full-length, In Her Gentle Jaws, the following year; the release generated a good deal of buzz among indie pop fans, in part because the whole album was made available for free download on the band's website. The next two years were relatively quiet for the Depreciation Guild, release-wise. In the meantime, Feldman and Christoph busied themselves with the Pains, who at that point were enjoying a healthy amount of positive attention, both from critics and indie pop fans. The Depreciation Guild released a 7" single, "Dream About Me," on Kanine Records in 2009. Soon after the label released a remastered version of In Her Gentle Jaws on vinyl.

album review

The Depreciation Guild's second album stands as proof positive that the band is much more than just a Pains of Being Pure at Heart side project. While the video game electronics and fuzz-pedals-on-11 sound of their 2007 debut album had plenty of charm, Spirit Youth shows that the Guild's approach has grown by leaps and bounds since then. If they're still using actual Nintendo technology to generate beats and synth riffs, it sure doesn't sound like it. The sonic palette here is immeasurably fuller and richer than that of In Her Gentle Jaws; the shoegazer-redux guitar layers are carefully woven into the fabric of the tracks, not just plopped down "as is" for better or worse, and the vocals -- while still soaked in a tubful of reverb for maximum ambience -- have their own place in the mix instead of being buried under the Super Mario bleeps and bloops and Jesus and Mary Chain-took-my-lunch-money guitars. But the most striking development of all on Spirit Youth is the songwriting. On Gentle Jaws, the song structures themselves tended to give way to the texture and mood of the tracks, but this time around the shoe is on the other foot. While there's still a surfeit of dreamy, ambient atmosphere here, this album seems to place its highest priority on the songs, putting them squarely at the center of all the shimmering tones. Pretty much every track on Spirit Youth sports a bewitching melody that makes perfect use of the hypnotic swirl of guitars and electronics, moving in an elegant arc as it unfolds. You can hear it in the delivery, too, with nuanced vocals that seem to say "Hey, after all the trouble we went to in writing these tunes, we're damn well gonna give em their due." Of course, if you don't feel like following the contours of the songs that closely, you can still just bliss out to the heavenly vibes pouring out of every minute of this lovely record.

Track Listing

1 My Chariot Depreciation Guild ... 4:43
2 Crucify You Depreciation Guild ... 3:26
3 Blue Lily Depreciation Guild ... 3:55
4 Dream About Me Depreciation Guild ... 5:08
5 November Depreciation Guild ... 4:30
6 Trace Depreciation Guild ... 4:20
7 A Key Turns Depreciation Guild ... 3:32
8 Spirit Youth Depreciation Guild ... 3:58
9 Through the Snow Depreciation Guild ... 4:38
10 White Moth Depreciation Guild ... 6:02