released May 18th, 2010

from the album - Only Man

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Audio Bullys, the duo of Tom Dinsdale and Simon Franks, capitalized on the boom in rough, tough, and streetwise British house sparked by Basement Jaxx but brought to a new level of distinction by acts like the Streets and Dizzee Rascal. By their Audio Bullys debut, both Dinsdale and Franks had several years of production and DJ experience behind them; Dinsdale, the act's main producer, began DJing at the age of 16 and had his 12"s gracing the mix sets of the world's top DJs by 1998. Franks, more of a musician (and also the vocalist), played piano and drums before discovering the sampler. Once they got together, they began recording and found success with one of their first releases, "We Don't Care." The full production album Ego War appeared in England and America by May 2003. Late that year, they submitted a volume in the mix album series Back to Mine, and the duo's second record, Generation, appeared in England late in 2005 (following in America early the next year). Despite the presence of a hit single — "Shot You Down," which reached number three in the U.K. — the album was a relative disappointment. A long pause in their discography was finally interrupted in 2010 when Higher Than the Eiffel appeared on Cooking Vinyl.

album review

A tad gun-shy after their lackluster sophomore album, Generation, Audio Bullys waited five years to release another album, but it shows them able to muster their distinctive talents — courtesy of a world-wise frontman and a distinctive producer — to put up numbers worthy of their debut nearly ten years earlier. Vocalist Simon Franks has finally found his groove, fortunately ignoring both rapping and the street-swagger of a Mike Skinner or Jamie T.; here he's more of an elder statesman for British clublife, taking the role of Ian Brown or Shaun Ryder. Producer Tom Dinsdale has matured as well (in a good way), staying away from British house mostly to embrace all sorts of styles, from acid house to Northern soul to garage and punk — all delivered with plenty of grime. (And some sections diverge even farther from the playbook, including the minute-long a cappella that closes out "Daisy Chains," worthy of the Zombies' finest moments.) Higher Than the Eiffel is most reminiscent of the work that Freestylers and Lo-Fidelity Allstars were doing eight to ten years ago. Both of them aged into their classic full-length statement with surprising grace, and made intriguing music long after most punters had deserted them.

Track Listing

1 Drums (On with the Story) Audio Bullys 3:37
2 Only Man Audio Bullys 3:20
3 Daisy Chains Audio Bullys 4:14
4 Feel Alright Audio Bullys 4:31
5 Twist Me Up Audio Bullys 3:12
6 Dynamite Audio Bullys 4:11
7 Drained Out Audio Bullys 2:56
8 London Dreamer Audio Bullys 4:00
9 The Future Belongs to Us Audio Bullys, Franks 4:54
10 Shotgun Audio Bullys 4:56
11 Dragging Me Down Audio Bullys 4:01
12 Smiling Faces Audio Bullys 4:02
13 Kiss the Sky Audio Bullys 3:16
14 Goodbye Audio Bullys 4:27