released May 11th, 2010

from the album - Fractured (Everything I Said Was True)

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Ann Arbor, MI's own Taproot sent their demo to Limp Bizkit's frontman/business entrepreneur Fred Durst in 1998, not ever thinking Durst would call them back personally. To the band's surprise, Durst replied, promising the alt-punk metal quartet the world. But Durst apparently took too long to deliver the goods, for Taproot ó whose lineup comprised frontman Stephen Richards, guitarist Michael DeWolf, bassist Philip Lipscomb, and drummer Jarrod Montague ó landed a deal with Atlantic Records instead. Durst felt betrayed and vented his frustration to various media outlets, but an unfazed Taproot focused on their debut, Gift, which arrived in June 2000 and unveiled the band's tough thrash sound.

Thanks to support from Ozzy Osbourne's son Jack, Taproot scored a spot on the second stage on the 2000 Ozzfest tour. Two years later, Rolling Stone hailed Taproot as "the next contenders for the new-metal crown." The band then spent seven months in Los Angeles recording the fierce, introspective sophomore album Welcome, which earned accolades from such publications as Vanity Fair. The album eventually peaked at number 17 on the Billboard 200. Blue-Sky Research appeared in August 2005; produced by Toby Wright (who also helmed the group's previous album), it also included three songs co-written with Billy Corgan. A split with Atlantic Records followed, and Taproot opted to independently issue their next record. Our Long Road Home arrived in 2008, having been recorded in the band's native Ann Arbor with producer Tim Patalan. After signing to Victory Records, the band set to work recording new material. In 2010 they released their fifth album, Plead the Fifth, on Victory.

album review

Plead the Fifth ó clever title for a fifth album, that ó finds Taproot going back to basics, shedding the melodic flourishes of Blue-Sky Research and the progressive elements of Our Long Road Home in favor of the heavy grind of their first two albums. Being children of the new millennium nu-metal, Taprootís metal isnít exactly simple: they favor swings in dynamics and rhythm, alternating shouts and chants with drowning harmonies in fifths. Itís a bunch of twists and turns in search of a song, and if Taproot doesnít necessarily find melodic through-lines, they nevertheless know how to construct vehicles for their flair, which is darker and heavier than it has been in some time ó and that may be enough to please the hardcore who have been dismayed by the bandís ambition of late.

Track Listing

1 Now Rise Taproot 3:26
2 Game Over Taproot 3:29
3 Fractured (Everything I Said Was True) Taproot 3:16
4 Release Me Taproot 4:33
5 Stolage Taproot 3:38
6 911ost Taproot 3:07
7 Trophy Wifi Taproot 3:49
8 Words Don't Mean a Thing Taproot 3:28
9 Left Behind Taproot 3:42
10 No View Is True Taproot 3:38
11 Stares Taproot 4:11