released May 11th, 2010

from the album - Want For Nothing

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Alternative CCM folk-rocker Jennifer Knapp debuted in 1994 with a self-released cassette that sold over 2,000 copies in its first year. Her first full-length CD, Wishing Well, appeared two years later; its success brought Knapp to the attention of the Gotee Records label, which issued her LP Kansas, produced by Audio Adrenaline frontman Mark Stuart, in 1998. The Grammy-nominated Lay It Down arrived in early 2000, followed by the biographical storybook of The Way I Am in 2001. Knapp put her public career on hiatus for the remainder of the decade, before reappearing in 2010 with the more secular Letting Go.

album review

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Jennifer Knapp put her Christian rock career on “hiatus” in 2003, inciting a flurry of rumors and speculations, one of which, concerning her sexuality, turned out to be true. While coming out in the secular music world is hardly earth-shattering, the CCM community can be a bit less forgiving. Her spirited 2010 comeback album dutifully addresses both parties. The appropriately titled Letting Go comes out swinging with “Dive In,” a feisty, twangy rocker that cautions “Careful what you say/Careful who might hear/Someone else inside the universe could write it down and you’ll be hearing it for years,” but anger soon gives way to acceptance with the lovely “Want for Nothing” and “On Love.” Throughout the remainder of the record, Knapp claws her way through to truths both cathartic and disappointing, all the while maintaining an engaging, wounded swagger and a radio-ready sheen that brings to mind contemporaries like Brandi Carlile and Kathleen Edwards.

Track Listing

1 Dive In Knapp, LaRue 2:53
2 Want for Nothing Knapp 3:33
3 Fallen Knapp 4:45
4 On Love Knapp 3:44
5 Inside Knapp 3:01
6 Letting Go Knapp 3:48
7 Mr. Gray Knapp 2:59
8 Better Off Knapp, Moak 3:26
9 If It Made a Difference Knapp 3:15
10 Stone to the River Knapp, Moak 3:27