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Thread: Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma

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    Default Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma

    released May 4th, 2010

    from the album - Do The Astral Plane

    from all music

    Great nephew of Alice Coltrane, Flying Lotus (who was born Steven Ellison) made beats for the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming before releasing his debut full-length, 1983, which resembled the work of fellow avant-garde hip-hop producers Madlib, J Dilla, and Ammoncontact, on Plug Research in 2006. Following the six-song Reset EP, his second full-length, Los Angeles, was released on Warp in 2008, with the three-part L.A. EP series of remixes and additional productions trailing through the next year. Cosmogramma, the third Flying Lotus album, was issued on the same label in 2010.

    album review

    For twenty six year old Steve Ellisonís deservedly hyped third album, Flying Lotus loosened the reigns and set out to make Cosmogramma, which his label Warp promoted as a space-opera of sorts. More of a long-playing, cohesive listen than the prior yearís excellent Los Angeles, which felt like a collection of insular, Dilla-inspired beats, Flying Lotus evolved into a forerunner of his own personal genre. On this, his most far-out release to date, he incorporates a thicker amount of live instrumentation (horns, strings, bass, guitar, and even harp) with his lap-top manipulations, and branches away from hip-hop. Call it futuristic fusion, if you will, but the result is much more ahead of the curve than, say, Herbie Hancockís Future 2 Future (though it shares some similarities) and more on par with a Jaga Jazzists or a Four Tet release. That is, it's left of center. Free jazz plays a huge part, and Flylo draws deeply from his Coltrane lineage, but he also dips into past-prime electronic and dance styles. Techno, house, and drum ní bass, all take shape alongside IDM blips, dubstep, and disco strings or blaxploitation soundtrack orchestration, courtesy of Outkast and Erika Badu arranger Miguel Atwood-Ferguson. As a mass of shapeshifting layers, the album mutates constantly throughout the tracks, from a dense soundscape that feels sometimes palpable, and at other times, into liquid; rife with bottomless possibilities. Cosmogramma is an instrumental genre-jumping journey for head-bopping intellectuals, and the meditative melodies by vocalists Thundercat, Laura Darlington and Thom Yorke only add to the experience.

    Track Listing

    1 Clock Catcher Flying Lotus 1:12
    2 Pickled! Flying Lotus 2:13
    3 Nose Art Flying Lotus 1:58
    4 Intro/a Cosmic Drama Flying Lotus 1:14
    5 Zodiac Shit Flying Lotus 2:44
    6 Computer Face/Pure Being Flying Lotus 2:32
    7 ...and the World Laughs With You Flying Lotus, Yorke 2:55
    8 Arkestry Flying Lotus 2:51
    9 Mmmhmm Flying Lotus, Thundercat 4:14
    10 Do the Astral Plane Flying Lotus 3:57
    11 Satelllliiiiiteee Flying Lotus 3:49
    12 German Haircut Flying Lotus 1:57
    13 Recoiled Flying Lotus 3:36
    14 Dance of the Pseudo Nymph Flying Lotus 2:46
    15 Drips/Auntie's Harp Flying Lotus 2:10
    16 Table Tennis Darlington, Flying Lotus 3:01
    17 Galaxy In Janaki Flying Lotus 2:27
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    I've had this release for a few weeks. Recommended.

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    ive been anticipating this release for a while now and just copped it yesterday, glad i waited for the vinyl cause this one is a keeper. im pleased to hear that he didnt continue in th e direction which a lot of brainfeeder crew seem to be going right now. this is definitely more of an ecclectic and all-world sound.

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    Hops, have you see the Cosmogramma application yet? I ran across it but I haven't tried it. From the website:

    "Cosmogramma Fieldlines is a free augmented reality application to celebrate the imminent release of the new Flying Lotus album ‘Cosmogramma’. It can be controlled with your webcam or mouse.

    Cosmogramma Fieldlines was developed by Aaron Meyers with sound design by Flying Lotus and harp by Rebekah Raff. Based on the artwork by Leigh J. McCloskey."

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