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(Hed) p.e. - a band i first discovered around 1997ish probably and have obsessed about their music until around 2006 when they started going alot more "punkish" which was closer to there musical roots in some respect but they lost what they had. What they had was mind blowing Godliness during their first 3 albums. First song i ever heard from them (Serpent Boy) was on a 2 song demo that i think was still on Cassette tape and in the light of the music i was listening to in those days completely changed my view on different types of music and perhaps what first started me on the path to being open minded to all types of music (and a hater of sub-genre labeling). (Serpent Boy)

Some would compare this type of music to ICP or the like. These people have obvious sensory organ disabilities. While Jared's lyrics can be honestly childish and immature, it serves one to note the musical genius and lyrical styling of a master. Even tho i completely love this band i think it's the way the lyrics flow way above what he's actually saying that really puts this band in my top 5. The flow of these first 3 albums will never again be replicated.

Enough talk.. i urge anyone who hasn't heard of them, or anyone who has only heard their latest stuff to check out their self titled Hed pe (1997), Broke (2000), and Blackout (2003) albums to see for yourself and let me know what ya think.

some samples: