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Thread: Musicians posting on youtube

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    Post Musicians posting on youtube

    I was wondering how you all felt about the importance of such sites as youtube, for artists to post their videos/music on here. Do you feel this is beneficial for a musician?

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    Default Posting On Youtube

    This is only a personal opinion;

    Mostly, I think that any exposure is good exposure and You tube is a good place to be

    The other thing I think could be helpful is a good website which is properly exposed to the major search engines and the other important sites relevant to your craft.

    The last thing is belief in your product........................If you go about it in the correct way, contacting the correct people and being able to demonstrate your skills live in front of them is a tremendous asset.

    BUT as I say this is only personal opinion..............................
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    If they are any good, anything posted on any online site is beneficial.
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    I think YouTube is great, but I notice intros are too long. They have all these credits and garbage at the front or the song is slow to get most click away. How many of us zip past the credits at the beginning of movies? The hook needs to be really up front and this may change music style over time.

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    A band really on top of their game - Enjoy!

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