released Apr 27th, 2010

from the album - Our Inventions

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After the 1998 breakup of her previous band, the Munich-based L.B. Page, Korea-born vocalist Valerie Trebeljahr formed the experimental electro-pop group Lali Puna. Although Lali Puna was intended to be a solo project, it took on a membership that, throughout the years, included the involvement of Markus Acher (the Notwist, Tied + Tickled Trio), Florian Zimmer, Christian Heiss, and Christoff Brandner (also of Tied + Tickled Trio). The group's first release, "The Safe Side," was a single issued on Belgium's (K-RAA-K)³ in 1998, supported later that year by a performance at the Jimmy Gimme More festival in Munchen, Germany. Another short-form release, "Snooze," as well as the full-length Tridecorder — the latter appearing on Berlin's Morr Music label — were issued in 1999. Scary World Theory (2001) and the surprisingly guitar-driven Faking the Books (2004) cemented the group's status as Morr Music's flagship act. I Thought I Was Over That, a double-disc compilation of stray tracks and remixes, was released in 2005, but the fourth proper Lali Puna album, Our Inventions, did not surface until 2010.

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Lali Puna's previous album, Faking the Books, was a drastic change for a previously subdued group. Most of its songs featured electric guitars in a prominent role. Some of them, at various points, were loud. On Our Inventions, following a break of six years, guitars go back to supplying texture, while programmed rhythms and synthesizers, with delicately struck vibraphones, rule the album’s makeup. Not one of the songs is louder than a lullaby, the ideal setting for Valerie Trebeljahr's vague, charmingly awkward, and clipped lyrics and whispered vocals. There are no real standouts, no (relatively) big hooks as heard on Scary World Theory's "Lowdown"; instead, there is a steady stream of hushed electronic pop songs that is as easy to enjoy as it is to ignore — and be struck with the thought that, at some point, your mood lifted a bit. On the closing “Out There,” Trebeljahr is joined by Yellow Magic Orchestra's Yukiro Takahashi, and the two voices complement one another with such sweetness that a full album of duets sounds like the best next step for both of them.

Track Listing

1 Rest Your Head Acher, Heib, Trebeljahr 3:10
2 Remember Acher, Heib, Trebeljahr 3:43
3 Everything Is Always Acher, Heib, Trebeljahr 4:18
4 Our Inventions Trebeljahr 4:19
5 Move On Acher, Heib, Trebeljahr 3:40
6 Safe Tomorrow Acher, Heib, Trebeljahr 4:28
7 Future Tense Acher, Heib, Trebeljahr 3:47
8 Hostile to Me Acher, Heib, Trebeljahr 2:19
9 That Day Acher, Heib, Trebeljahr 3:34
10 Out There Takahashi, Trebeljahr 4:05