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Thread: Is there really a 'Sound of Camden'?

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    Default Is there really a 'Sound of Camden'?

    I was doing some digging about as I always do for new music news and I cam across this little snippet about a forthcoming album...

    Famous for its vibrancy, its cultural diversity and for its music, Stables Market is unique amongst its peers. Steeped in history and individuality, totally cosmopolitan and eclectic, there is now an album series that captures the Sound of Camden and the vibe therein perfectly.
    Owner Bebo Kobo and entrepreneur Itay Sachish have joined forces with music producer Roy Sela to deliver a series of albums that captivate the unique magical vibe that is Stables Market. The albums cover the electronic, classic and revolutionary sounds of bands such as U2, The Pixies, The Rolling Stones and more, tracks that are synonymous with the Sound of Camden.

    Featuring Mutya Buena’s amazing vocals on six tracks, the Sound of Camden is a must have for anyone who has ever been to Camden town and its world famous markets.

    “I am connected to the market and now I am singing songs that my mother loves as well, it’s amazing !” – Mutya Buena
    With over 2800 stalls all selling the ‘Sound of Camden’, this makes Stables Market the world’s largest record store for the album and the series.
    Anyone who has known, loved or visited Camden will love the ‘Sound of Camden’ – the definitive musical guide to the capitals most vibrant location.

    I love Camden and have done for years, I used to go to Cyberdog quite a lot during my DJ days and I've always beena fan of the market but I have to say that this idea for an album has taken me by surprise. Mutya is a talented person and I think she'll probably carry it off but I am intrigued as to how she'll do it.
    Anyone else heard anything about this?

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    Yeah I heard about this. Sounds like its gonna be an interesting one, I cant imagine what its going to sound like. Any news on a release date? Camden was mad this weekend with the Camden Crawl, what an atmosphere!

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    Don't think you could say "the sound of Camden"... as it's characterized by diversity

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    I heard about this album! ive been going to camden for years and i am looking forward to hearing how Mutya is going to portray the old rock songs!

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    Well I was pleasantly surprised to read that the album release is still going ahead. Haven't heard about a release date yet though...

    Quote Originally Posted by stay awake View Post
    Don't think you could say "the sound of Camden"... as it's characterized by diversity
    You definitely could say that! I guess this album is a mixture of the Classic Rock of bands like U2 and The Rolling Stones but with a fresh twist from Mutya's distinctive, soulful voice. Doesn't get much more diverse than that. :)

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