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    Arrow Piano Recital

    Piano Recital
    by Charles L. Cingolani

    One icy winter evening an eight-year-old
    walked across our High School stage
    to a Steinway concert grand
    where she sat with dangling feet
    playing an Allemande
    by Johann Sebastian Bach
    with such perfection
    that every one of us
    lept to our feet and clapped,
    almost before she had finished.

    She came to the edge and curtsied,
    we applauded and kept on
    till she returned, nine times,
    sobbing at first, faltering next,
    brushing away tears
    trembling, then falling.

    They carried her from the stage,
    her parents' hands
    she knew were waiting in the wings.

    Our clapping, already muffled, slowed
    with awareness dawning
    then suddenly ceased altogether
    when inside us light flashed
    through darkness and
    we understood,
    as if a radiant angel
    had appeared to avenge her
    by making us conscious of
    the suffering we had caused her.

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