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    Hi guys and girls =P

    I remember long time ago like 10 years ago i guess, or more, that i saw a music video where there was a band playing in a roof on a building, i believe there were 3, 2 guys 1 girl (not sure)and they were playing and they were surrounded by cables of the instruments, on the floor of course, the cables were coming from a room (not sure about that) And i think the girl was the bassist, =P and at the end of the video the singer jump from the building and there was a rose falling. not sure about that part.

    The Genre is basically rock! or alternative i guess =P

    So i need your help... what band was that? and the name of the song. the year well don't know i think it was Mid Nineties or early 2000s

    Well i hope i get an answer from you people!

    Sorry for my English! Take care all =)

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    I can't help...

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    This video show the ending of a movie, 10 Things I hate about you, there is a band playing a song on a roof. Maybe that's what you're looking for, that's all I can do for you:

    Go to 3:20 to see what I talk about; there is some movie extract before it.

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