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Thread: Where Do You Get Your Journalistic Fixes From ?

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    Default Where Do You Get Your Journalistic Fixes From ?

    For Me there are several methods ..............I like to get some of my information from the written word.

    • Mojo From this I get information on new releases and reissues .........some good articles on the areas of music that interest me .........

    • Record Collector......A good magazine if you can get it...........this tends to be collector based but has some great articles on most major artists and their evolution. It also gives a broad view of their releases and the harder to get to know about releases items........different mixes .......overseas issues ............... There is a tendency to look at lesser known artists.

    • TV..................We are lucky here in the Netherlands, they Dutch are fanatical followers of popular music and have many programs which reflect this ............Often they have live concerts or music programs .........Often they are generated within the Netherlands.

    Next door in Germany , they have bi variety shows which carry Many Rock and Roll starts and big current artist...............these are done live and often nearly from a cold start with little rehearsal or support...........I remember watching Bryan Ferry on his last big revival on one Saturday night seating and struggling through alive performance and showing that he could not "cut it" in front of alive audience
    at that moment....................on the other hand Ringo give a wonderful performance ....interacting with the audience and have no problems ad libbing or playing good Rock and Roll to a appreciative audience

    Belgium has some wonderful archive footage.................taken from the sixties and seventies..........they seem to have had their own music shows and the prerequisite was that you should perform live or produce a performance unique to the show...............As a result they have unique performances from bands like Pink Floyd or The Stones in these addition they also have rarely captured artists as well ................

    • The radio is an excellent source...........where they can ..............the move is for live sessions of big artists who are passing through to promote their latest tour..................they are interviewed in English and often the performances are unique ( and for many of the bigger ones not internet streamed just done on the day and that is it )

    So, that it how I get my journalistic fixes

    How do you get yours? Where do you get your journalistic fixes from ?
    Nice to be able to go back to trust and friendship!!!!!!!!!

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    As far as the music press, everything is online for me currently.

    In days gone by I was a subscriber to various publications: Rolling Stone, Billboard, Spin, Trouser Press, Crawdaddy.

    Now those are available online plus AOL, Music News, CMT, NME

    TV - Dont really get any music news from tv, but I do watch the current videos on the various channels, MTV, VH1, Fuse, CMT.
    The best music show as far as live performances is Jools Holland which I record when ever it is on.

    Radio - once again, not much in the way of news. In my neck of the woods, there are no commercial radio stations I can handle for more than 5 minutes. If I'm listening to the radio for any length of time, I usually end up on NPR, which plays decent alternative music during the day, and at night occasionaly has interview type programs with musicians. Most notably a show called World Cafe, on every week night.
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    Since I'm well connected with press wholesale I get all my mags for free. Lucky me. I read English music magazines such as Mojo, or Q as well as German magazines like Visions, Musikexpress or the German Rolling Stone. Regarding television, some minor TV stations in Germany broadcast some good concerts from time to time but that's all. MTV can kiss my ass.

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    Another Mojo reader here...

    The NME was my staple diet for what seems like centuries, but I gave up on them some years ago when they became too wilfully obscure for my tastes. Still check their website regularly.

    Very little from TV or radio.

    Not really journalism, but I love AllMusic for my interweb investigations. Reasonably accurate reviews, which I tend to trust. AllMusic is my Bible...

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    At least it's better than pitchfork.

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    I have stated this on MD many times before - the only music print publication I ever read anymore is:

    The Wire: Adventures in Modern Music

    It is published in the UK and is a little pricey over here but I think it is worth it most of the time. I have not come across another magazine that covers much that I'm interested in.

    There is nothing on music-wise on television that I want to see. I do listen to the two large universities nearby's radio stations. But this is not for information about music. There are a couple of good shows that I enjoy.

    Otherwise everything comes from a dozen or so music blogs that I frequent.

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