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Thread: "Sleepwalk" - Gretsch solo (VIDEO)

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    Default "Sleepwalk" - Gretsch solo (VIDEO)

    Hi forumites. I don't know whether this post can be considered off-topic banter and therefore should be posted here. It's about me and my guitar, a Gretsch Nashville and a Fender Deluxe Reverb amp. This is my rendition of Brian Setzer's version of the classic "Sleepwalk", by Santo & Johnny.

    Moderators - please remove if not adequate. See you around!

    YouTube - Sleepwalk - Guitar

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    very nice qui

    Can I have that cd case?
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    Sure, Captain! Just come and get it! (I live in Spain). Cheers and thanks for a great forum!

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    Substitute "Israelites" for "forumites" and there you have it, there you go: << first song to get me interested in pedal steel--the Country folk and Robert Randolph (sacred steel) came later...
    Nice! We all owe Brian Setzer so much--may his tribe increase and he personally prosper.
    BTW, here's the original:
    Not to overwhelm but here's somebody else who found merit in this tune: << master of the whammy and the wah-wah but always in service to the song.

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