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Parlophone has confirmed the release of 'Escape to Plastic Beach' - a multi level, multi format game release that takes fans on the Gorillaz journey to their new headquarters on Plastic Beach. The game also includes an MP3 download of the band's new single 'Superfast Jellyfish’ taken from their new album 'Plastic Beach’.

'Escape to Plastic Beach' is the first game of its type merging numerous levels of Flash and Unity formats along with a new single MP3 to create an audio, visual, graphical and gaming experience to expand fans’ experience of an album. Increasing the experience beyond traditional album release - the game features original artwork, voiceovers from the band and numerous other tracks from the new Gorillaz album.

'Escape to Plastic Beach' starts by recreating the events from the 'Stylo’ music video in a free-to-play, 2D online game that sees Murdoc, singer 2D and Cyborg Noodle on their journey from the mainland to Plastic Beach. It continues underwater with Murdoc’s daring underwater rescue of the band, and then beyond taking players direct to Plastic Beach HQ in a challenging eight level, 3D pay-to-play game. The final chapter of the game also includes an MP3 download of the band’s new single 'Superfast Jellyfish’ featuring De La Soul and Gruff Rhys from Super Furry Animals.

Gorillaz Bassist, Murdoc stars as the main protagonist in 'Escape to Plastic Beach' but will also play the game along with fellow members Cyborg Noodle and 2D - posting scores which fans can view and compete against via a global high score table. Fans who bought the 'Experience' edition of the album had an exclusive preview of the 3D gliding game chapter as part of the extra content offered via the CD. Experience buyers will also be able to access the entire game in full, for free via their copy of Plastic Beach.

Online games have already proved powerful viral marketing tools for EMI Music enabling them to reach a target audience that have turned off from traditional radio, TV and press communications. This project is another collaboration with worldwide casual/advergaming experts, Matmi, who have pioneered promotional online tactics with EMI for a number of years.