released Mar 23rd, 2010

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Swedish band Love Is All are comprised of Josephine Olausson (vocals, keyboard), Johan Lindwall (bass), Markus Görsch (drums), Fredrik Eriksson (saxophone), and Nicholaus Sparding (guitar/vocals). Olausson, Sparding, and Görsch had previously been members of Girlfriendo. The trio promptly regrouped after that band's demise and added Lindwall, who had recorded in a side project with Olausson and Sparding called Cat Skills. They finally added the missing piece with saxophone player Fredrik Eriksson. While earning many rave reviews from the blogging community for its blend of art punk and indie rock, the band released several singles, one of which made single of the week in NME. The singles were collected on the debut LP Nine Times That Same Song, released by New York-based What's Your Rupture? in late 2005. After much touring through 2006 and 2007, Eriksson left the band and Love Is All continued on as a quartet. A Hundred Things That Keep Me Up at Night and the remix album Love Is All Mixed Up arrived in 2008, along with Eriksson's replacement, Åke Strömer (saxophone, keyboards). The lineup stayed intact for the next record, Two Thousand and Ten Injuries, which was released on new label Polyvinyl in March of 2010.

album review

Love Is All’s first two albums (2006’s Nine Times That Same Song and 2008’s A Hundred Things Keep Me Up at Night) were thrilling noise pop records that drew from post-punk experimentalism, twee pop sweetness, and punk rock energy, added hooky songs and rambunctious performances, and ended up making a glorious racket. It’s nice to report that their third album, Two Thousand and Ten Injuries, is the equal to the first two in quality, that it delivers the same level of thrills, and is packed from to top to bottom with excellent songs and fiery playing. The band took a more relaxed approach to writing and recording the album and it shows in the slightly more precise arrangements, the songs that sound more constructed than hastily slapped together, and the clearer production. That’s not to say the intensity level has dropped, only that they have refined and focused their approach a bit. Where they used to clatter, now they might smolder, and where Josephine Olausson would have howled, now she might croon a little more. It’s a welcome move toward sophistication that works because the underlying passion and drive that are the group’s strength are never far from the surface. For every song like "Never Now" that scales back the energy in favor of arrangement, there are songs like "Early Warnings" or "Kungen" that rattle and roll like early Love Is All. The crisp and punchy production gives these rockers an extra kick that was sometimes lost in the ramshackle production of their debut and in the reverbed murk of A Hundred Things. The care given the sound really comes to light on "The Birds Were Singing with All Their Might; the synths, saxes, and Olausson’s vocals combine to give the song a majestic feel that brings to mind early New Order with Clare Grogan (of Altered Images) singing. The album is filled with great moments like this, and plenty of songs that will be the highlights of summer 2010 mixtapes. Many bands start to lose their way around the time of their third album, but on Two Thousand and Ten Injuries Love Is All sound better than ever and well-positioned to keep making smart, hooky, passionate records for a long time to come.

Track Listing

1."Bigger Bolder" – 2:54
2."Repetition" - 2:31
3."Never Now" - 3:26
4."Less Than Thrilled" - 2:16
5."Early Warnings" - 2:37
6."False Pretense" - 2:43
7."The Birds Were Singing With All Their Might" - 3:30
8."Again, Again" - 1:55
9."Kungen" - 2:46
10."A Side in a Bed" - 3:28
11."Dust" - 3:00
12."Take Your Time" - 3:05