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Thread: Apocalyptica?

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    Default Apocalyptica?

    I love how they've bought the cello out of the orchestra and done something totally different with it. Any other fans out there?

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    I remember time when I was their fan.. And now it is necessary to give them due.. The classics is classics.. 100%

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    *raising my hand*
    sure, count me in!
    Love their mix of classical with rock.
    KUDOS guys!!!
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    Actually when I was in London last February to see another band (it was tied into my vacation), Apocalypta was staying @ the same hotel as me (K-West). I was having a glass of wine at the bar as a bunch of people that looked like metal-headers were walking through the lobby w/ their instruments. I took a closer look and I realized that it was Perttu. I walked up w/ my friend that was in town from Leeds and believe it or not, they were more surprised than we were that we knew who they were. Needless to say, we had VIPs to their show on March 2nd and it was a great show!

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