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Thread: Potential new talent?

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    Smile Potential new talent?

    I found this on youtube and I'd like to know what you guys think of this

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    Unfortunately she's in the justifiably-ignored category. Current cuts show her mixed forward in generic songs (aka product). Am I too harsh? and << with that quaver in her voice, she'd make a credible US Country singer...or maybe do an Edith Piaf tribute show. But not this...break free, woman, and reinvent yourself--let's see if you really got the will and the pipes.

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    TONNES, after about ten years, there sooo much good music being made today.
    Not that I encourage illegal downloading but just for the info:
    ARSENAL_LONDON, has every new album before it even comes out.
    90% is ....not to my liking. BUT...the other 10%?

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