released Mar 16th, 2010

from the album - Animal

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Provo, UT’s poppy dance-punk band Neon Trees features vocalist/keyboardist Tyler Glenn, guitarist Chris Allen, bassist Branden Campbell, and drummer/vocalist Elaine Bradley. The group’s roots go back to Campbell and Allen’s time growing up in Southern California; when Allen moved to Utah for school, Glenn, a self-taught musician, followed him. The pair connected with Campbell and Bradley; the latter began playing guitar in bands when she was 14 before switching to the drums. The band perfected their new wave-tinged sound at local shows and got their big break when they were chosen to be one of the opening acts for the Killers' 2008 North American tour. Early the following year, Neon Trees were signed to Mercury Records; they were also voted 2009’s Band of the Year by Salt Lake City’s City Weekly. The group’s Mercury debut, Habits, arrived in early 2010.

album review

It’s no surprise that Neon Trees opened for the Killers on their 2008 North American tour — the same kind of hyper-literate lyrics and whip-smart hooks run through the band’s debut album Habits. However, the Provo, UT quartet doesn’t have the huge, and occasionally cumbersome, ambitions that Brandon Flowers and company possess. Instead, Neon Trees keep it focused and catchy, crafting unrepentantly slick songs with huge choruses, and where everything falls into place at exactly the expected moment. Though elements of post-punk and dance-punk pop up here and there — “Love and Affection”’s jabbing riffs are pure Bloc Party — Neon Trees know how to absorb them fully into irresistible pop. Habits’ first single, “Animal,” uses the precision punk-pop of the Strokes for its underpinnings, then tops them with piles of shiny synths and handclaps. “In the Next Room”’s mischievous pianos instantly bring the Cure’s “The Lovecats” to mind, though the rest of the song is pure 2000s alt pop. Neon Trees are so savvy that it’s almost a flaw — next time out, they could let a little more idiosyncrasy into their songs. Regardless, this mini-album shows off their undeniable pop skills.

Track Listing

1 Sins of My Youth Neon Trees 3:38
2 Love and Affection Neon Trees 3:03
3 Animal Campbell, Glenn, Pagnotta 3:32
4 Your Surrender Glenn, SAM, Sluggo 3:40
5 1983 Campbell, Glenn, Pagnotta 3:42
6 Girls and Boys in School Neon Trees 3:31
7 In the Next Room Campbell, Glenn, Pagnotta 3:51
8 Our War Glenn, Neon Trees 4:05