Self, Mrs Tiggi, Miss Tiggi & her partner, & their American girly friend went to our new local venue The Quarterhouse last night to see Dreadzone on the opening night of their tour to support their upcoming album Eye on The Horizon.

They play a mixture of Dub & Dance, and are a cracking live act. The Rhythm Section of Greg Roberts (Drums) & Leo Williams (Bass) have been together for over 25 years now, first with Mick Jones of The Clash in the first incarnation of Big Audio Dynamite, then with their own project, Dreadzone. Williams still plays bass with Jones in Carbon/Silicon.

The entertaining shaven-headed singer-toaster MC Spee has been with the band for the last 10 years, and co-vocalist Earl 16 has worked & recorded with Reggae royalty in Jamaica.

Guitarist Chris Compton, & Laptop Twiddler Chris Oldfield are recent members of the band.

They are festival favourites in Europe, and have a reputation for exciting, energetic gigs, although record sales have never been strong.

Roberts & Williams are clearly fantastic musicians, and the gig was blinding - I was exhausted last night having only slept about three hours the night before, and came out of the venue in a state of euphoria. The whole band are completely focussed on delivering a great live experience, and it was a sheer delight seeing such an enthusiastic professional band.

I'll certainly be buying their new album, and should anyone be looking for something to investigate, I'd recommend Dreadzone. They deserve better support than they get IMHO.