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    I'm here to promote a music festival called Lelle Alternatiiv. It's a non-profit event that among other things gives exposure to yet unknown artists.

    So in order not to appear as a usual spammer I'd like to ask anyone listening what is an acceptable way to promote and discuss the event?


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    A couple of pointers:

    - Make some posts so that members get to know you.

    - Avoid links during the probationary period.

    That's it...

    Where is the festival ??

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    Aah, yes.. :)
    The festival is in Estonia - that's Eastern Europe. But if you have users from Scandinavia or Eastern-Europe or if you happen to be in the general area during the summer it might be an idea to concider visiting it. We're having around 100 artists this year and almost all of them are underground. Since I can't give a link Išll mention that it's easy to find on Google.

    + check us out if you're an artist because artists can sign themselves up and if lucky - get to perform.

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