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    from spinner

    While it seemed that struggles with their record label would lead to the end of 30 Seconds to Mars, the Los Angeles-based rock band made sure that this wouldn't get them down and marched on to record and release 'This Is War' in 2009. Following 2005's 'A Beautiful Lie,' the new album showed fans just how much the band has grown over the years and that they still had something to say.

    "It's an accurate depiction of the interests we have at this time in our life," 30 Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto told Spinner when the band stopped by our NYC studio. "It's really what we wanted to say in musical terms, and that's what's great about making music -- you have an opportunity to redefine, rediscover, to reinvent, and we're really excited about the songs."

    Taking two years to record the album, the band didn't only just lock themselves up in the Hollywood hills and write songs, but they also invited fans to sing on the album when the band hosted its "Summit" last year. With more than 701,000 MySpace friends and over 79,000 followers on Twitter, the band is more than thankful for the dedicated fanbase they've had over the years.

    "I suppose, when you think about the fans, the audience around the world, it's like this amazing dysfunctional family -- just a sense of gratitude and awe, respect, pride, a lot of great people around the world that we've been able to share this journey with," Leto said. "We're very blessed."

    The band is currently on their world tour, 'Into the Wild,' which kicked off in the UK in February. However, there's one city in particular that the Leto is very excited about. "It's the biggest tour we've ever done," he said. "We've sold out Wembley arena, and those milestones are really just a lot of fun. It's surreal that we're playing these legendary places."

    With three albums under their belt and sold-out shows all over the world, 30 Seconds to Mars aren't doing too shabby. But there's one still on thing they'd like to do. "I would really like to hear Barack Obama on a 30 Seconds to Mars song," Leto says. "He's got the voice. He's got the timbre."
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    I love them. They're great.

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    I couldn't believe it when they made the UK top 10 charts, its not often you see a group like 30 Seconds To Mars in a regular chart. It was nice to see them beat people like Kesha and N-Dubz..

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    30 Seconds To Mars is a band that I kinda didn't want to like because of the whole actor turns musician thing, but they're such a good band so I couldn't knock them. I really liked their last record, but they're new one totally raised the bar. Jared Leto is a fantastic rock singer.

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