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Thread: Pink Floyd To Take EMI To Court

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    Default Pink Floyd To Take EMI To Court

    Rock band Pink Floyd have launched legal action against record label EMI over payment of online royalties and the marketing of their music.
    The group, signed to EMI since 1967, are disputing the way payments for their digital sales are calculated.
    They are also seeking a ruling on whether the label can sell individual tracks from their original albums.
    Pink Floyd did not appear at the first hearing of what is expected to be a lengthy case.
    Their lawyer, Robert Howe QC, told the court that the musicians wanted "to know where they stand as a matter of contract".
    Mr Howe said EMI contend that the sale of individual tracks from albums "only applies to the physical product and does not apply online".
    He added that the practice "makes no commercial sense" and contravenes agreements signed by both parties.
    Pink Floyd's back catalogue is the most lucrative in pop music apart from that of The Beatles.

    From The BBC News Website
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    Default And The Verdict Is

    from music news

    Pink Floyd have been successful in their court action against EMI for allowing their albums to be sold by individual track on iTunes.

    The current Pink Floyd contract with EMI signed in 1999 had a clause stating that EMI could not 'unbundle' the albums.

    In court, the lawyer for EMI argued that the clause only related to physical product sales such as CD or vinyl recordings. Note, that in 1999, the digital age was not yet upon us.

    The London High Court ruled today that the words made no difference by format and that EMI can 'only sell the Pink Floyd albums in their entirety'.

    EMI has ordered to pay Pink Floyd’s $90,000 legal fees and is not allowed to dispute the decision.
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