released Mar 9th, 2010

from the album - Hey Dude!

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album review from underthegunreview

While the typical band constrains to one style of music, Ohio based Before Their Eyes, blend upbeat, catchy pop songs with more aggressive, post hardcore tunes, to set out and prove you don’t have to stick to one particular genre. Their unique style struck the interests of renowned label, Rise Records, only after playing their first show in 2006. Merely a few months later they quickly crafted an impressive self titled debut album, which I personally think is their best. A year later they released, The Dawn of My Death, basically a refined extension from their previous sound but also incorporated a new southern rock vibe. Through seemingly endless national tours and hard work, they are nearing the release of their third studio album, Untouchable.

Opening with “Hey Dude!,” I’ll admit it’s not the best song title, but thankfully it doesn’t reflect the music at all. Much like earlier work, Nick Moore’s powerful, versatile vocals and falsettos during the chorus put him in a league of his own. By fusing together many influences and different styles on Untouchable, you never know what the next track will sound like. Starting with an aggressive, heavy song and immediately following with, “Sing To Me,” a melodic pop song with a metallic guitar line and has an catchy, memorable chorus. To say the least, this record is completely unpredictable but with today’s monotonous music scene, variety is commendable. Following with one of the lead tracks, “Love Is Misery,” is a noteworthy melodramatic song with an upbeat tempo, that will lead brokenhearted teens to play on repeat. On a lyrical note, touching on heartaches, hardships with distance and unrequited love; this album is jammed packed with raw emotion. Lines like, “I’ve had enough, had enough, I told her, so it’s over, love is misery,” and other love stricken lyrics are definitely relateable.

The second half of Untouchable; you’re reintroduced to their heavier side. “Bulletproof,” “Finding A Way,” and “Rick vs. Nick,” have what more metalcore fans will enjoy, breakdowns, deep growls, aggressive drums and chunky bass lines but “Hell or Highwater,” is undeniably the angriest and heaviest song on the album. Including double bass work and even blast beats, this track exhibits the most impressive drum work that we’ve heard from them. Towards the end of the song you’re hit with pounding, spaced out drum beats that build to a suspenseful pause and then you’re struck with gut-wrenching growls. Not only are their pop songs catchier but this track is evidence that their heavy songs are even nastier.

On the complete other end of the spectrum comes the acoustic and breath taking finale, “Start With Today,” quite possibly their best song to date. Both acoustic and regular versions of this song are on the album but I found the stripped back version fit the overall persona more adequately. The passion delivered in the vocals and the heart warming lyrics made this song exceptionally strong and gave me chills. This track also features guest vocals from Kristin Williams and she complimented the lead vocals perfectly. Needless to say, this song is gorgeous and I’ve repetitively played it since I received this record. I could not imagine a better or more powerful way to close this record.

Overall, Before Their Eyes kicked up the catchy hooks and uptempo pop songs, while keeping an edge to keep them from falling into a mainstream sound. This is the catchiest music they’ve ever released and after one listen I found myself singing along. Their musicianship has improved, their vocals are exceptional, and their styling is more distinctive and much different than their previous work. Their diversity will enable them to pull audiences from all age groups and spectrums. However, although there are some heavy songs, I can’t help but wish there were more, like on their first album but the ones they have are pretty decent. Make sure you pick up Untouchable, which releases March, 9th on Rise Records and be sure to catch them live on their US and Canada tour dates. Before Their Eyes are entirely unpredictable and I’m intrigued to see where their future work is going to lead them.

Track Listing

1."Hey Dude!"- (3:10)
2."Sing to Me"- (3:04)
3."Not Alone"- (3:35)
4."Love Is Misery"- (3:54)
5."My Match, Your Fire"- (3:16)
6."Start with Today (Feat. Kristen Williams)"- (3:51)
7."Bulletproof"- (3:31)
8."Finding a Way"- (3:18)
9."Rick Vs. Nick"- (3:27)
10."Hell or High Water"- (3:05)
11."Start with Today (Acoustic)"- (3:51)