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Thread: An album you consider a treat

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    Default An album you consider a treat

    Does any of you guys have any albums you love, but only listen to rarely (as a treat really) because you'd be afraid that if you play them too much, you'd get fed up of them? I have three I ALWAYS come back to, but listen to them rarely:-

    1) THE CURE - Disintegration
    2) REM - Automatic For The People
    3) MARK HOLLIS - Mark Hollis

    I'd say these albums are completely flawless IMO.

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    I guess pretty much all of my albums fall into this category, considering the size of my library (around 4000 titles), and I don't play anything over until it comes back up again in the rotation. The only exception to that is when I buy something new, it gets heavy play for a week or so. Latest estimate, it takes me around 5 years to go through my collection.
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    I'm very much the same as Ed, but tend not to do the heavy rotation bit with new albums.

    Things get a bit ceremonial when the Pink Floyd albums come out...

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    I can't say that, if it is an album I love I will get tired of it........I tend to feel the opposite .......If it is a true classic then to me , it will stand the test of time......if it is well recorded and has been lovingly crafted by the artist and producer..then I will always be able to find a new part or hear it in a new context..................Also as I experience new pieces of music , I often find this allows me a new window on older classics that somehow mature into this new context and sound even better.
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