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Thread: I love the blues

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    Default I love the blues

    I love the blues from many different artist
    someone told me to check out this guy he played with muddy waters
    for years his name is Willie Big eyes smith, I just bought his new cd
    titled Born in Arkansas its sound great, I wish I knew how to upload
    the songs so you can hear it. but hear is his website to check out if you like real chicago blues at least my opinion,

    I also like Lurrie C Bell great blues guiter player I do not know his link but
    try to listen to some of his music, The bluesman

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    Default Re:

    Good one! I really like it.

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    Default blues Man

    Thank you I will try to keep you up dated on new ones too,

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    How can you NOT love the blues, seriously? Even if you don't like the music form itself, most if not all popular music genres today are derived from it in some way. That or jazz.

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    Default The blues is the root

    That is a very true statement I have to agree

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    Here, here! I don't know how anyone can not like (and especially not respect!) fine blues musicians.

    I think you had asked for some new finds, so here's one. Elvin Bishop's got a new album coming out featuring B.B. King, Derek Trucks, George Thorogood, just to name a few. Sounds like it's gonna be a great one!

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    Default Thank you so much

    I like that album too,

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    There are just SOOOO many amazing blues artists out there, it's difficult to list them all.
    Folks like:
    Joe Bonamassa


    Steve STrongman

    Big Red and the Soul Benders

    But, something I have just begun to discover - much to my surprise - is the HUGE blues scene in France. And WOW, talk about good stuff too.
    Check out this link:
    click each artitst's picture, then at the bottom of their page you will see “sound” click that link to hear each artist’s music. Enjoy blues lovers!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluesman View Post
    I like that album too,
    only have to wait a little while longer......9/23!

    I was just sent this Elvin Bishop e-card today.

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    ahh... the blues... all kinda blues!

    for those who are not sure what the blues are...
    this guy will tell you what the blues is!!!
    must see.

    this one too. check this out!

    Lightnin Hopkins: Baby. Please. Don't Go!

    a friend indeed...

    rock blues, more or less...

    Early FMac

    T Waits

    Wasted, & can't get home...

    Slide blues
    Sonny... a local.
    yea, even more...
    i'm biased. get over it. lol.

    Nawlins Piano Blues
    Brickyard Blues...

    Give IT UP!!

    i could go on for wwweeks.
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