a smart man

from crawdaddy

Apparently, members of the Velvet Underground have been receiving lucrative offers to do a reunion tour. Well, of course they were! But John Cale, set to perform his 1973 album Paris 1919 in London’s South Bank on March 5th, is ruling out the possibility, saying it’s not something he can see happening based on the past. He told BBC 6 Music:

“Anyone who wants to reform the Velvet Underground for a series of concerts, to make some money, I understand that, but you can’t do that. We don’t have Sterling [Morrison] any more. If I said that was something I was intrigued by, people would think I was cynical… There’s no communal effort to enjoy each other’s company any more.”

I love the Velvet Underground as much as the next person, they were truly ahead of their time. But honestly, this probably wouldn’t have been very good anyway. Especially, if their relationship sounds as cold as Cale makes it out to be. And also, I mean, who really wants to see Lou Reed sing “Heroin” now? Let’s hand it to all of the aging musicians out there who are smart enough to know when not to do a reunion tour.