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Thread: Help with identifying a song, please?

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    Default Help with identifying a song, please?


    I heard a song a while ago but can't find any information about it anywhere.
    I was able to catch some of the lyrics but can't be sure since English isn't my native language:

    "Some folks laugh and some folks crumble, some folks walk and some folks stumble. What's life but a daydream after all? When you're young the world's a garden..."

    "My, what a funny little world this is..."

    If there's anyone who recognized the song and knows anything about it... could you please help me? I'd really love to learn more!

    Thank you =)


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    My, What A Funny Little World This Is!/ words by Lewis and Benett

    Here you are:

    I'm so generous, I uploaded it to mediafire for you - it's in pretty poor quality though (96kbps):

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    Wow, that's some accurate details. I wouldn't ever have known to look for it from where you found it.
    Thank you so much Iota! =)

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