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    Question Acoustic Guitar Amp Info


    I am in the market for an acoustic guitar amp..I think... I currently run my Acoustic Electric through my PA, and I am somewhat satisfied...I think with a decent acoustic guitar amp ith a line out to run into my PA will make my sound a whole lot better. I am a novice at this so any advice about acoustic guitar amps would help out. I as at the local music store around town (Robert M Sides) and was recomended an RMS 40 Watt acoustic amp for around 180, found them cheaper online of course. But wondered if anyone could throw some recomendations/info my way on this!

    Would appreiciate any advice on enhancing my live sound singing and playing guitar...

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    There is a new device on the market called the 'Aura' by the Fishman company - check it out - it's the most revolutionary advance in live acoustic playing in years.

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