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Thread: How do you listen to your music?

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    Default How do you listen to your music?

    Mp3, mono wireless, Stereogram, wax cylinder, music centre/center, hi end hifi, DAB or Internet radio, In car?

    How do you listen to your music?

    Moi? Currently iTunes through a Mac and ocassional 2.1 speakers. I am currently resurrecting my 1995 Hifi and want to use the Mac as a lossless server. No budget for a DAC. ( I have to perform some wiring and other changes to the house!) I live in a remote hamlet and will be able to really crank it up!

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    Default How I Get My Kicks On Route 66

    Form me there are several ways

    Reasonable top end Hi-Fi to process vinyl, CDs DVDs

    I use CD in the car with mp3

    My computer provides some

    ipod for on the move or portable CD player

    I use cable radio at times ....
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    at the moment i am down to cd player only-i have burned my mp3 player out, and need to go and get an ipod, but i just haven't had a chance to get to the shop yet. i want a purple one
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    turntable, cd player, computer, mp3, tv
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    I listen music mostly from cds, LPs and my computer. Don't own a portable player at all. Some four-five years ago I still listened to a lot of cassettes, used to record my favourite songs on them and then lay in a hammock listening to them on our old cassette player. =)

    I search tunes from YouTube very much these days, but still the best way of finding music is going to a library and picking up an interesting looking cd.

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    I only really listen to music on my iPod or through the computer (YouTube/, if I want to check something new out. Still buy CDs though so that I have a physical copy of the music rather than a bunch of MP3 files.

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