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Thread: Hot Chip - One Life Stand

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    Default Hot Chip - One Life Stand

    released Feb 9th, 2010

    from the album - One Life Stand

    from all music

    Hailing from London, Hot Chip entered the picture with the release of their 2000 debut, Mexico. The EP was issued by Victory Garden Records, a label owned and operated by members of London's resident lo-fi psychedelic rock institution Southall Riot. The Mexico EP was a hypnotic wash of subtle -- nearly subliminal -- pulse-like techno beats, acoustic guitars, and plinky pianos, but the vocals were the true star of the show (no small feat in a musical climate overrun with disaffected Lou Reed-esque mumblers and bland Eddie Vedder impersonators). The voices of Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard are a fine study in contrast. Taylor offers dreamy, effortless falsettos that cut to the heart of the beauty of performers like Jeff Buckley and Nick Drake (minus any of the pretentiousness of Radiohead or even Coldplay or the bland vocal acrobatics of Remy Zero). Meanwhile, scattered throughout the record (and in the occasional duet), Goddard offers a tone that sounds a bit more world-weary and at times almost gruff in comparison to Taylor, calling to mind Damon Albarn's cool monotone tendencies. Self-released by Hot Chip in 2002, Sanfrandisco E-Pee showed the band dabbling in more playful sounds, from the beatbox dubbing of the title track to the closing notes of "Fanta," in which Taylor pleads with the listener to "make sounds of the summer." There are moments of gorgeous melancholy as well, but on the whole the album feels a bit more hopeful than Mexico had. The group signed to revered N.Y.C. record label DFA in 2005 and released the Over and Over EP, as well as the excellent 2006 full-length The Warning. Hot Chip kept busy in 2007 by supporting The Warning with singles and consistent touring, and released a DJ-Kicks mix album. Late that year, the single "Ready for the Floor" heralded the arrival of Made in the Dark, which featured some of the band's most focused grooves and poppiest melodies to date. The mellower One Life Stand followed in 2010.

    album review from nme

    ‘One Life Stand’, though full of the reasons why this band are undoubtedly one to treasure, is cause for a fourth slamming of the fist onto the table with frustration – and now our knuckles are starting to bleed a bit. Again, they’ve got a new ‘Over…’ or ‘Ready…’ – the spectacular title track and lead single you will have heard already. That snoopy, throbby intro that teasingly stretches beyond a minute before dropping into Alexis Taylor’s most subtly anthemic chorus yet. Their best song ever.
    More golden bullets for the chamber are ‘Hand Me Down Your Love’, with urgent rave-y piano, creeping closer ‘Take It In’ – dreamy ecstasy chorus and all – and opener ‘Thieves In The Night’, boasting the kind of pulsy build made for ekeing out that last five minutes of chemical heart-swelling with your MP3 player on the back of the night bus home.

    The bangers, the moments, the nuggets. Peaks huge enough to make your neck hurt when looking up at them (while fumbling around to boot away the woeful ‘Slush’. Think Robson & Jerome go electro-pop). But, as before, there are too many anchors on their ankles. Goddard’s ‘Brothers’ – a mid-paced ode to his siblings that, despite somewhat heartfelt references to boozing and Xbox sessions with his bros, just comes across as cringey as the Redknapp family’s Wii advert. Or ‘I Feel Better’, a near house miss that leaves you yearning for Calvin Harris’ rave outro to ‘Holiday’ at full volume to satisfy the half-rush.

    The maths are frustrating. Two years since the last album, five members with wildly varying tastes and talents, enough ammo to blast out two solo albums on the side, and they still can’t quite make
    10 essential tracks in a row.

    If the tone of disappointment seems over-dramatic it’s only because we’re so convinced of what Hot Chip are capable of. ‘One Life Stand’ does have some of the best songs of the year on it. But, again, waiting for Hot Chip to make that classic album is a bit like waiting for an alcoholic parent to arrive at your birthday party. There’s a kind of unconditional love that’ll keep you hoping every time one comes around, but there may be a point where you have to accept that it’s just never going to happen.

    Track Listing

    1."Thieves in the Night" – 6:09
    2."Hand Me Down Your Love" – 4:33
    3."I Feel Better" – 4:41
    4."One Life Stand" – 5:23
    5."Brothers" – 4:21
    6."Slush" – 6:29
    7."Alley Cats" – 5:21
    8."We Have Love" – 4:28
    9."Keep Quiet" – 4:02
    10."Take It In" – 4:10
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    I liked Hot Chip's previous album enough to purchase it. But it got tired after a while. I'm liking this one so far.

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