released Feb 9th,2010

from the album - I Love Music

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A band with improvisational tendencies and a laid-back California vibe, ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra) became a hit on the jam band circuit while enjoying a close assocation with superstar Jack Johnson. Members Zach Gill (keyboards/vocals), Steve Adams (bass/vocals), and Dan Lebowitz (guitars/vocals) had all known one another since childhood, but it wasn't until their undergraduate years at the University of California that they decided to form a band. Life at the university introduced them to Jack Johnson and drummer David Brogan, the latter of whom joined ALO while they were using the name Django. Numerous name changes, the addition (and subtraction) of a horn section, a number of replacement drummers following Brogan's departure, and other problems plagued the band during its early years. Even though they were earning a loyal following around Santa Barbara, the band's instability convinced them to move back to their hometown of Saratoga. A couple more drummers came through the ranks before Brogan returned in 2002, and ALO's fortunes improved as the band began releasing material.

An EP, Time Expander, and the band's debut album, Fly Between Falls, both appeared in 2005. Fly Between Falls was reissued a year later on Johnson's own Brushfire label, coinciding with ALO's high-profile tour as the opening act for the Dave Matthews Band. A new album, Roses & Clover, landed in 2007, with Man of the World arriving three years later.

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The Hype: Good friend Jack Johnson is in the producer's chair for ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra)'s first album since 2007's Roses and Clover. This is also the band's third full-length (including their Fly Between Falls re-issue) on Johnson's Brushfire Records. The Bay-area jam band recorded the entire album live at his home studio on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

The Judgment: Besides your best pair of headphones, your most vital accessory when listening to ALO's new album, Man of the World, is a sturdy pair of sandals (and maybe a flowy, Hawaiian shirt). Under a pile of dancing notes, island textures and organ-heavy pop, the four-piece deliver a groove-oriented grab bag of summertime tunes, painted with shimmering steel guitar, congas and the occasional vocals by Johnson.

Thriving in bouncy, mid-tempo time signatures, songs like "Big Appetite" and "Time and Heat" showcase the natural chemistry that ALO's neo-hippie following will readily devour. Even the slower, smoldering tunes like the album opener "Suspended" or "The Gardener's Grave" (featuring Johnson on vocals) will get you in the swaying mood. But despite all the sincere, good-time vibes conjured up here, ALO's sound can get a little redundant.

Track Listing

1 Suspended ALO 7:20
2 States of Friction ALO 4:45
3 Man of the World ALO 3:04
4 Put Away the Past ALO 3:38
5 I Wanna Feel It ALO 4:23
6 Big Appetite ALO 2:58
7 Gardener's Grave ALO 2:25
8 Time and Heat ALO 3:27
9 The Country Electro ALO 5:58
10 The Champ ALO 3:23
11 I Love Music ALO 5:17