Saw my hero in concert last night !!

Roger was the brains behind Pink Floyd before throwing a hissy fit & starting his solo career.

This was the first time I've seen a band at the O2, and I must say it's my new favourite venue:

- Only 75 minutes from home. Got back just after midnight.
- Loads of parking, but pricey at 20.
- Plenty of places to eat within the complex without being ripped off.
- Big venue (23 000 capacity) without feeling like an aircraft hangar.

Gig was excellent, sounded superb (although there was a nasty echo from the rear of the arena).

All of Dark Side of The Moon, and most of Wish You Were Here were played. Sobering thought that this could be the last time I'll ever see DSOTM played live . Atmosphere was electric (Although I reckon my mood plays a big part in how good a live gig feels).

Great night, but I hope this isn't the last time I get to see him live (He's 64 !!).