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Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers explores the entire chronology of Wu-Tang, using tracks and verses from all eras, including group and solo efforts, and stages them against the instrumentation of The Beatles. What stands out about Caruana's mash-up album is that it maintains a hip-hop feel while allowing The Beatles' dynamic musical bits to peak through. Had RZA not been dabbling in classic Charmels tracks and instead buried himself in the Beatles back-catalog, this is the album he might have produced. Caruana uses his samples selectively, only taking the best parts and reinterpreting them in true hip-hop fashion. In a radically different world where The Beatles are not the biggest band to ever exist, this album could have dropped in 1993 and we would have called it just another great record, not some gimmick as manifest through current music trends. And that's why it's great.
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