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    Anyone like him? He's one my favourite songwriters. To me, the greatest TRUE rock star of all time. Although he didn't invent rock and roll, nor did he embody it as toweringly as figures like Elvis Presley and Little Richard, but he did more than anyone else to shake it up, move it forward and instill it with a conscience. As the most daring and outspoken of the four Beatles, he helped shape the agenda of the Sixties - socially and politically, no less than musically. As a solo artist, he made music that alternately disturbed and soothed, provoked and sought community. As a human being, he served as an exemplar of honesty in his art and life. As Jann Wenner wrote in the foreword to a collection of writings entitled The Ballad of John and Yoko, "Of the many things that will be long remembered about John Lennon - his genius as a musician and singer, his wit and literary swiftness, his social intuition and leadership - among the most haunting was the stark, unembarrassed commitment of his life, his work and his undernourished frame to truth, to peace and to humanity."

    I will be happy to hear what others may think. Thank you

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    These people wrote their music because they loved to write, not because they had to pay their mortgage.


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    Towering musical & cultural figure, indeed.

    But on a personal level, capable of being a bit of a nasty bastard from what I've heard !!

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    john lennon & kurt favs forever

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    I think John was a huge impact in the world because he wanted everyone to love each other while setting aside our races, reilgion, and beliefs.
    He's definetly my inspiration ♥

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    Default Johnny !

    I'm a big John Lennon fan both for his music and for the fact that he was the spokesperson of his generation !
    Nice to be able to go back to trust and friendship!!!!!!!!!

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    I've always admired the 'Give Peace A Chance' campaign by John & Yoko but I have to say the song does my head in!!

    Got one album by John Lennon (it's the one with 'Imagine' on it) which isn't too bad. From what I remember there was a few bluesy numbers on it.
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