released Jan 26th, 2010

from the album - Love Is Our Weapon

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The acoustic emo act Never Shout Never is Missouri native Christofer Drew's one-man band. A product of the digital age, Drew earned his sizable fan base after posting his bright, soul-baring songs to the Internet. After averaging over 15,000 online plays a day, he made Never Shout Never legitimate in 2008 by releasing his first recording, the Yippee EP. The Hot Topic clothing chain featured Yippee, and an appearance on MTV's TRL helped promote it. Several months later, Drew entered the recording studio with veteran producer Butch Walker to make his full-length debut.

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Never Shout Never’s first full-length album, "What Is Love?,” is a short and sweet affair, the way a collection of nearly perfect pop songs should be. In fact, this eight-song collection, clocking in at just under 22 minutes, barely qualifies as more than an EP, while the words and melodies are a little oversweet at times.

But considering the tender age and obviously genuine adolescent (albeit wise) sentiments of NSN singer, songwriter and guitarist Christofer Drew, the latter can be forgiven, and brevity is never a bad thing in this genre of catchy hooks and sunny choruses. Remember when Beatles songs rarely exceeded three minutes?

And speaking of the Fab Four, much of this album was recorded at their old Abbey Road haunt under the production guidance of Butch Walker (Weezer, Katy Perry, Pete Yorn), which possibly inspired Drew, 18, to turn out such addictive and amusing ditties as the love-struck teen anthem "I Love You 5” ("I love you one, a two, a three shoobee-doo / I love you four, that’s more than I can afford ... I love you five times more than any boy from before / ’Cause all they really cared about was whether you put out.”). Beach Boyish harmonies thread throughout this bouncy tune, the breezy runaway anthem "California” and the more serious-minded "Love Is Our Weapon” ("See I never got involved in politics / ’Cause they always brought out the worst in my folks.”).

With a voice made for emo (let’s hope it doesn’t start changing) and a hatful of hooks, this one-kid band (with the help of a few studio sidemen) proves he’s got the pop chops to make many a more mature band envious.

Track Listing

1."Love Is Our Weapon" - 2:29
2."Jane Doe" - 1:56
3."Can't Stand It" - 2:51
4."Sacrilegious" - 1:51
5."I Love You 5" - 2:14
6."California" - 2:37
7."What Is Love?" - 2:33
8."The Past" - 4:07