released Jan 26th, 2010

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A primarily acoustic classic rock, folk, and psychedelic-inspired outfit, Citay feature Piano Magic multi-instrumentalist Ezra Feinberg and ******* Champs guitarist Tim Green. Begun as a studio collaboration, Citay have grown into a live ensemble that also includes members of such similarly minded stoner rock ensembles as Land and Sea, Tussle, Horn of Dagoth, and others. Citay released their debut self-titled album on Important in 2006. Little Kingdom followed on Dead Oceans in 2007.

album review

On Citayís third album, Dream Get Together, the group keep on doing whatís been working so far, with very few changes to their unique sound. Masterminds Ezra Feinberg and Tim Green have again concocted a guitar loverís dream album. From the layered acoustic strumming that underpins everything to the harmony leads (that are borrowed from Greenís ******* Champs) and the moments of wild soloing that should have even the most hardheaded head-banger nodding in approval, there is an abundance of six-string prowess. As on previous albums, the group makes sure to add some pretty melodies, sweet female harmony vocals, and the occasional keyboard to the mix to keep it from becoming too much of a fret-fest. The songs, too, are varied in sound and feel, some are raging rockers like the opening "Careful with That Hat" (which concludes with an impressively fierce guitar solo), some are catchy almost-folk-rockers, and the title track is an epically meditative jam that builds to a maelstrom of guitar noise. They even throw in a suitably spaced-out cover of Galaxie 500ís "Tugboat," and welcome a few guests (Merrill Garbus of tUnE-YArDs sings on "Mirror Kisses," Joel Robinow of Howlin' Rain contributes a synth solo on the most metallic song here, "Hunter"). Throughout, Feinberg continues to impress with his ability to create long, multi-part songs that sound both lazily stoned and meticulously crafted. They may not be what most people would consider classic songs with verses and choruses, but they have enough construction to keep them from drifting away. Greenís production, too, is an invaluable factor, he layers the guitars and vocals into a lush and hazy blanket of sound that is very easy to get lost in. Together they create a sound you wonít hear anywhere else. Dream Get Together is the rare 2000s album that sounds better played end to end than it does broken down into pieces. A track might sound good in a random mix, sure, but taken together, the effect is somewhat magical.

Track Listing

1 Careful With That Hat Feinberg 6:59
2 Return From Silence Feinberg :54
3 Dream Get Together Feinberg 4:10
4 Secret Breakfast Feinberg 5:28
5 Mirror Kisses Feinberg 6:55
6 Hunter Feinberg 7:02
7 Fortunate Sun Feinberg 7:08
8 Tugboat Wareham, Yang 3:54